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  1. 1 hour ago, Aaron said:

    It’s the sound that occurs before and during the Raven call. Sounds sorta like lasers(?) maybe. 

    Cassins would be good, I was hoping it would be as I thought I heard one a few days prior and reported it, but wasn’t 100% sure. Thought that it was a bit too bubbly. I’ve learned to recognize the calls of Warbling and Red-eyes Vireos, but Cassins has been giving me trouble. 

    Oh, those are Siskins. 

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  2. Finally got lifer Scott's Oriole! There's been a small population of them in southern Idaho for a while now in a small area of good habitat. They're extremely difficult to find and the roads are bad, so this has taken 3 years of attempts to get. I saw 5 of them today!


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  3. 2 minutes ago, Hal.314 said:

    Flycatcher!! Another new bird for my records! Seems right for #4 for sure, but what about the black on the breast on #1?

    Since the bird is really wet the feathers separate and make dark shadows. I'm not good with the flycatchers but I can confirm 2. and 3.!

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  4. 8 minutes ago, Hal.314 said:

    I think you might be correct!! Not only by the sound of the bird, but I also have a (pretty terrible) photo of a bird I couldn't identify with the same black streaks on the upper breast. It was wet (raining) and I couldn't tell if there was very pale yellow feathers on it's stomach, and I couldn't see it's face. It matches the visual of a Lincoln's Sparrow very closely. I also saw a black-flecked bird outside one of the windows perched on a cherry tree, but it was too small too be a thrush and gone by the time I had a camera in hand.

    Is it unusual for a bird to persist in the area for over a week? Is it possible it may be nesting in my yard (I have lots of long grass and generally everything it is listed to like is in my yard), or do they nest further north? And finally, why would it sing so much when it is still dark out (2 a.m.)?

    You're in breeding range I think. I live in Idaho and they nest here! I normally don't hear of sparrows singing that early, but out of all the sparrows I think Lincoln's are one of the most vociferous. It could definitely be nesting nearby! I

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