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  1. Trust me, I've had a heck of a time finding them. I've seen 3. One by accident, the other by watching where 50 people in Yellowstone NP were watching, and this one by knowing where it was and chasing.
  2. Great Gray Owl: Clark's Nutcracker: Steller's Jay:
  3. Since this is a forum I don't think it should work like iNaturalist. If it did, there wouldn't be much point for Whatbird and everyone would just post on iNat. I completely agree with the three or so confirmations. Sometimes one isn't enough and most of the time five is too many.
  4. @The Bird Nuts I know SUTAs sound similar to a couple others so maybe you could confirm?
  5. Black-throated Gray Warbler in central Idaho today. Second one seen in the county this year, and I'm pretty sure there's never been more than one in a given year!
  6. I haven't updated this in a while... Mary laid 5 eggs! All 5 hatched, and now she's stuffing them full with voles every day:
  7. I'm pretty sure solitary vireo was split into Cassin's and Blue-headed. I agree with Blue-headed.
  8. Thanks! Here are more photos that might help.
  9. The first thing that came to mind was California towhee but the pitch is a tad off.
  10. With that description they could be almost all of the Swallows. Have you looked at a bird book to eliminate some possibilities? Most certainly not rare Swallows if there are so many.
  11. Ah, okay. They're pretty common here and I've heard their range is expanding northward.
  12. If I had to guess, fledgling Great Horned Owls learning how to hoot. I'm listening to the call around 0:55, which doesn't really have a dove quality and has the same rhythm as a GHOW. There are a few other calls that sound like Eurasian Collared-Doves to me.
  13. Nice! 1.,2.,5.,6. are all Willets. (Willets have prominent white wing stripes) The others are Greater Yellowlegs.
  14. Yeah I see your point. The tail is quite short, and the beak is open which I didn't notice before. Yep, agreed with BRBL for all now.
  15. Second one is definitely a Common Grackle. That beak is way too hefty for Brewer's.
  16. Please look at the top of the Whatbird forums page for a topic on what to do if you find a baby bird. https://forums.whatbird.com/index.php?/announcement/3-what-to-do-if-you-find-a-baby-or-injured-bird/
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