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  1. Just now, Jefferson Shank said:

    Is there enough to call it Ross's though?


    Size is difficult to judge, and we're also looking at these birds from the rear which is an unusual angle for size comparison between the two species. The head is significantly rounder and whiter, and the bill is pink and stubby. If anything else, it's a hybrid but I doubt it due to bill size and shape.

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  2. 12 hours ago, Tony Leukering said:

    I would guess that for some reason it's missing a row of lesser primary coverts and you're seeing the white bases to the greater primary coverts. I cannot fathom a reason for a bird to be missing that entire row on both sides, but I'm not convinced that I can see feather tips of what would have to be white feathers.

    That was my first assumption, but if you zoom way up on the first photo the red feathers don't just end, they do turn to white.

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  3. I have this Red-winged Blackbird, and it seems to have some issues. From what I understand about leucism in general, #1: It is usually not symmetrical, and #2: It always is a lack of pigment in an ENTIRE feather, not just part of it. Are these assumptions correct? I'm trying to decide what has caused this. It seems to have red feathers with white tips. It is also perfectly symmetrical. It has also been this way exactly since April 14th. Any ideas?



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  4. 4 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

    Osprey with lots of white and a narrow mask.


    Besides the head colors (which could be affected by wind), what is it some of y'all don't like for Osprey?

    The last photo is the only one that appears to show a dark stripe through the eye, and it's also the blurriest photo. The others show white all the way behind the eye where even a faint eye stripe would show up. Also, theres a dark belly band, and white spots on the scapulars, and there's too much feathering on the legs.

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  5. It's difficult to tell. I cant tell how much black is around the eye of any of them. The one in the middle is very likely a Clark's Grebe just because of the extent of white. The left one I was considering could be a Clark's, but when western grebes turn on their sides they expose more of their white bellies. I'm thinking middle Clark's, left and right Westerns.

  6. 4 hours ago, The Bird Nuts said:

    I think that would be very confusing.  It would be difficult to tell which challenges are still going and which ones are not.  Like I said, we can end the current challenge if a lot of us are for it.  I'm okay with ending this one.

    I think so. If I had time I could probably get it but right now I'm lacking severely in time :classic_laugh:

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