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  1. I searched up American Avocet courtship display, and yeah that appears to be what they're doing. Interesting!
  2. Welcome to Whatbird! It's a Red-shouldered Hawk, but an adult.
  3. Due to the size and shape, it looks like a Sharp-shinned or Cooper's Hawk... the wings don't come close to reaching the tail tip.
  4. Idaho is special I guess. We don't have Mockingbirds here either ?
  5. Wow, crazy! The blue color is definitely not natural... the only bird I can think of that looks like that is Barn Owl but this bird is definitely a hawk. It couldn't have gotten into paint or all the feathers would have dried together. Maybe some sort of blue dust like chalk line dust?
  6. Wow, that's awesome! And indeed lucky. I've been a birder in Idaho for multiple years and have never seen or heard one...
  7. So I'm thinking Ring-billed Gull... here's the entire photo. There seems to be a couple other birds here that look similar to the bird in question: I considered Mew as well, but the proportions didn't seem quite right. I have seen Mew multiple times in Idaho, but I certainly wouldn't expect it.
  8. Southern Idaho. Franklin's are just starting to come in. I missed this gull while searching through a big raft. I think it's an overexposed FRGU but not sure.
  9. That's definitely what I've been thinking as well. I just ran out, and I counted up how many I had within the past 24 hours... I used 10. Maybe the limit is 10?
  10. Yeah, that's the main issue I have - there's no reasoning behind how the like system works. We were told 24 hour cycle, 15 likes per cycle, but so far that is not at all the case and it seems to be random. There have been days where I haven't been able to react even once.
  11. Here's mine! https://idahobirder.weebly.com/
  12. Man it's been a long time since I've diagrammed... Yeah, it's probably a lost cause. I just really like Whatbird and would like to see it succeed.
  13. So I know people have brought these things up a lot but I dont think anybody has gotten answers. #1 How come when Whatbird returned from the crash only a few topics were replaced and even after general agreement on what topics needed to be replaced no off topic or general topic was added? #2 Why do I run out of reactions when I only use two after not using any for the past several days?
  14. CASJ love them! We need someone on the west coast to take it...
  15. We live in Twin Falls, about 300 or so miles south. Not a big deal, but it felt like the house was shifting back and forth a few feet and lights started to swing!
  16. They dont really like power lines but I'll try! ?
  17. Love it! I wish I could participate with the first one, I don't have any Jays here ?
  18. Western Willet bills don't look like that. But I can't explain away the white wing patch, since the individual feather pattern looks identical to a Willet, and the plumage looks better for Willet. Any ideas why the bill would be so wrong? Hybrid?
  19. Agreed on #1. Wilson's Plover would be extremely rare for the Salton Sea, and they would have a black band that wraps all the way around the chest. I think this is a Snowy Plover.
  20. Wow that's a lot better. Now that I can see it better, yeah, that does look more like a crow. I think it must be a camera angle because the bird on the right is most certainly a Red-tailed Hawk. And if that is definitely the same bird in the close up photo, I don't think it's a Harlan's.
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