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  1. My first thought was Purple Finch as well.
  2. Yellow rumped Warblers Audubons have yellow chins, but I'm pretty sure this is a Palm Warbler.
  3. Actually a Mourning Dove with that long pointed tail and tiny head.
  4. Is it the black on the tail that's not similar to what you saw? I'm just wondering because I might be missing something.
  5. Not to be rude, but those kinds of details like perfectly straight bars is very subject to feather placement which can vary widely from bird to bird. I was particularly referencing the female RBWO: I can't think of anything else that fits that description. I'm pretty sure woodpeckers are the only genus in the US that has horizontal barring on the back, besides maybe American Kestrel and a few others that don't fit your description. Have you looked through the list of woodpeckers on the Whatbird identification website?
  6. I can say I at least half got the reference
  7. Red-bellied Woodpecker? I know it's not completely white, but does everything else fit?
  8. Did you happen to note the size, shape and color of the beak?
  9. Does this look similar, minus the red on the head? It's possible you saw a leucistic bird. (I took the photo from google)
  10. I use a one of my fox pictures pretty much everywhere so I'm recognizable
  11. Where was this? I think it's a Snowy Plover but I'm not sure.
  12. Vultures are extremely gregarious. I most often see them flying in large groups or roosting together.
  13. Mix of both! Two Turkey Vultures and the one with the black head is a Black Vulture. If it was an immature Turkey Vulture it would have not have the same extent of unfeathered area, and the body would still have a brownish hue.
  14. It really reminds me of a Flammulated Owl, but I don't think that's possible this time of year in your area.
  15. I believe so. The tail is too long for Red-tail with the wrong patterning, and the streaks are in the breast and belly.
  16. Our vultures don't really have curved necks like a lot of other vultures. Have you researched Turkey Vultures or Black Vultures for similarities? Vultures do tend to fly up and down like that.
  17. Out of likes. When I went out east I was super surprised to see robins with prominent white tail tips. If I hadn't noticed I would have never known...
  18. Apparently you've never been out west? All jokes aside, the western subspecies doesn't have white tips and if they do they're very minimal.
  19. Out of likes, but yeah. The link supplied above shows it. Generally rolling shutter happens in lower light and in lower end cameras or cameras not meant to take high quality footage, like phone cameras or trail cams.
  20. Yep. That's the word I was looking for in attempting to describe it. Example I found on google:
  21. I should have mentioned - I completely agree with Robin.
  22. @AlexHenry @Jefferson Shank@Sean C Finally:
  23. No... if I'm right it's essentially taking a double exposure because the bird's wings are too fast. So it got the bird's body in one spot but the wings are in separate spots across the image. Does that make sense? Probably not. Oh well.
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