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  1. The photo is a result of refresh rate I believe. The smear is the bird's wing, just in a different position.
  2. This thread needs to be saved forever in an archive somewhere
  3. I completely forgot about this ? . I'll get the second photo today.
  4. The other photos show a significantly lighter back but they're blurrier. I'll upload a second one tomorrow.
  5. Pretty sure this is a California Gull, with the extensive black on the wingtips. Was considering LBBG but I think the dark back is due to lighting. (Southern Idaho: HERG, CAGU, RBGU are the most common gulls)
  6. I'm probably not the only one who thought Bushtit before even clicking on the post Agreed with Bushtit. They love suet!
  7. The angle is super weird, so I wouldnt bank on feet size. But they do look a little small.
  8. FWIW, I initially thought Brown Pelican but wasnt sure of their range. The large belly and skinny head look good for it.
  9. Is it just me or does the bird not look like any sort of raptor? The head is very skinny and the tail is weird. If it is a raptor, the way the wings are held would force it to be an Osprey, but I'm just not seeing it. Maybe I'm just looking at it wrong. Since it does seem to have one white flight feather and not on the other side, I agree with leucism.
  10. And it seems to have two heads ? Do pairs spend the night together like this as courtship?
  11. Is it just me or are there two wrens sitting there?
  12. Yeah, I think the wings are covering the rump.
  13. I havent chased too many rare birds. My best was Ivory Gull (code 3): I'm pretty sure that's my first and only code 3.
  14. Oh, I didn't realize that about the tail feathers. FWIW, I have seen Tropical, Cassin's, and Western. I definitely have the most experience with Western and the breast looks too yellow and the bill too large for Western, which is why I would have said Tropical. I ruled it out because I had it in mind it was rare, haha... definitely not Cassin's. Not gray enough. So yeah, looks good for Tropical to me.
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