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  1. Yeah, I feel the same way... you can get to some content using the Wayback Machine: https://archive.org/web/
  2. The black I'm seeing is mainly in the face, where the feathers are really wet and ruffled out, so the black is actually just shadows in between clumped feathers.
  3. I'm not seeing Longspur due to overall shape... like how far the wingbars are from each other in a Longspur, and with a ruddy patch in between. Also, Laplands have black legs. In that last photo you can see the rufous cap.
  4. Yep, that's a Least! You might want to put this on eBird. Not sure how far they go up the coast but people might be interested in seeing it.
  5. That's definitely a Neotropic in front. I'm just looking at overall length and lack of white line around the gape to say that the back one is a Double-crested (not double-breasted ).
  6. Yes, nice shots! I'll take a stab at them. I believe the first is correct. Second... after looking over the two I decided that the streaky front, dark auriculars, and lack of very prominent yellow in the front points towards Saltmarsh, but I have literally no experience with either species. And the last is a weirdo Chipping I think. EDIT: Sniped!
  7. Based on a recent post by @corgi, I'm starting this thread for people who simply want to share a photo and a story, and not be ignored, as what happens often to new posts. I tend to find myself not knowing where to post something simply because there isn't a thread for it, so here we are! Share a story, with a photo or video if you have one! I'll start: So here's something pretty cool... my family owns a cabin up in central Idaho, and there lives a ton of foxes! Last winter we had at least 8 on the lot at one time, including silver red foxes and normal red foxes. Photos of them: They can be super goofy at times too! Well, it was only a matter of time... and a strong mom decided to make a den on the line between us and our neighbor's. She successfully raised 4 pups one year, and 2 the next! She even had an issue with her eye at one time, we still don't know if she's blind in that eye or not... Looking bad: Recovered: The pups are the perfect puppy-kitten cross for those who can't decide which they like better!
  8. Wow! I'm 17 and I also prefer comments. Often times, though, people don't post on new topics in the Share Photos section, I think simply because it's a new topic that wasn't posted in a particular "thread". If you go to all of the top threads like Share your best photo, or LOL, etc., people commonly quote and reply to things they like. But, truthfully, I didn't reply to your post because I'm not on here too much and I tend to stick to bird identification. I wish people would have replied, but the forum suffered a severe crash a couple years back and it hasn't been quite the same since. I can assure you, though, this isn't your average "social media". Having been here since 2015, it's a wonderful, homey place where people can have great conversations. Hope you don't give up on Whatbird!
  9. Yeah actually, I jumped to female but I think that's correct.
  10. Yep, the conclusion with my help was western x Harlan's cross or just a weird western.
  11. That wide tail band is very weird from this angle... I'm more willing to say it's a Harlan's now because I know they can have lots of tail variations. I'm just not sure there are variations of western that look like this. I'm asking some people I trust will give a better answer than me.
  12. Welp, I thought the white v was a branch. Agreed with Red-tail upon further inspection.
  13. It's a little hard to tell, but overall shape looks fine for Great Horned Owl. Males are smaller than females.
  14. WOAH! That's gotta be leucism. Probably Cooper's?
  15. That sounds right then! The white stripe is often not very obvious.
  16. How about Red-breasted Sapsucker? They have a light breast but shadows could be deceiving.
  17. Oh yeah, I can see that now. I was on mobile before.
  18. Yeah, that can help eliminate. I'm leaning quail on that one so just by process of elimination I think you could say Gambel's Quail, but I personally wouldn't call it. Maybe I'm being too cynical though
  19. If I had to guess on #1 I would say Song Sparrow based solely on the first photo. Unfortunately, probably not identifiable. For the second one, could be Gray Partridge or either quail (probably Gambel's based on range). Based on that shape, I would have a hard time ruling out Eurasian-Collared Dove or Rock Pigeon as well.
  20. I agree with Bald Eagle... Huge plank like wings held flat is the main thing here. You can also see that the armpits are quite a bit lighter than the rest of the bird as well. In the first photo the tertials look somewhat seethrough. If you take those away and look at the silhouette, I can see why Merlin said it's a Golden.
  21. That makes me think Northern Harrier. Google photo:
  22. Side-by-side comparison with this bird and a Harlan's (I'm not looking at the pattern here, just the overall hue of the bird)... Harlan's can be brownish but not this brownish. The rufous I'm seeing is highlighted in the bird's wings. And yeah, I'm mostly going by eye color since it's transitioning from light to dark.
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