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  1. Song Sparrows have defined thick streaking like this bird. Lincoln's Sparrows have many crisp thin streaks... not sure what you're saying, fine and lightly streaked pretty much mean the same thing... just clearing up some confusion. I think the angle makes the central dot disappear... in any case the central dot is sometimes not visible or not apparent on Song Sparrows. Agreed with Song Sparrow on this bird - the thick defined facial markings with lack of buffy coloration sell it.
  2. It's mostly the bill here that makes this look like a plover, since it's wide and only starts tapering to a point near to the end, whereas in sandpipers it tapers from the base all the way to the tip. I also think plovers can look a little taller than sandpipers. The leg color tends to be a good field mark as well in many peeps.
  3. Yay, that's what I thought at first! But I didn't want to say since I don't know anything about Ipswich Sparrows. Agreed.
  4. 1. Eared Grebe 2. Wilson's Snipe 3. Least Sandpiper 4. " 5. Dowitchers I believe.
  5. This is a Blue Jay - notice the neck band and white tail tip.
  6. Cackling Goose in front of Canada Goose:
  7. 1. Townsends Warbler 2. Sharpie? 3. Western Tanager 4. and 5. Savannah Sparrow 6. White-crowned Sparrow 7. Scott's Oriole
  8. 1 and 8 Rufous crowned Sparrow 2. Myiarchus sp. (I'm not good at them) 3. 2 American Wigeon and a Mallard 4. American Kestrel (female) 5. Common Yellowthroat 6. House Wren 7. I think it's a neotropic Cormorant due to white edging around the gape and fairly long tail 9. Hermit Thrush
  9. 1.California Gull? 2. Not sure of these are idable 3. Black-bellied Plover 4. Sabine's Gull (sweet!) 5. Eared Grebe
  10. Well, that would defeat the purpose of Whatbird ?
  11. Don't you leave whatbird on us ? https://discord.gg/ZedUjym
  12. Yeah, what Trevor said. I normally crop it down so it doesnt look like Jupiter ? . But I actually have experimented with pinhole cameras - the idea behind them is the same as a camera and the photos do not turn out round ?
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