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  1. Besides birding, let's see... Literally anything else to do with nature - butterflies and moths are a big one right now. Mammals of course. Piano, Photography, and Drawing are my other ones, although I haven't drawn in forever. I dink around with building stuff too - I love working with my hands so if I can come up with anything robotic that needs to be made I'll try to make it ?

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  2. As is clearly evident, the eBird rating system is a bit controversial. I'd rate your photos a 3 - I'd even see people rating a photo like your Black Phoebe shot at a 2, simply because the bird is out of focus and the background is distracting.

    As far as quality of the images, I'd say the main issue I have with the first ones you posted is that they're slightly fuzzy. I agree with most - I'd put them at a 3. 4 to me are photos that are in good focus and have good composition. I reserve my 5s for photos that would be 4s but have just that next step of quality - bird is exceptionally clear, background is perfectly aligned, maybe the bird behavior is showcased, something like that. 

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