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  1. Yeah, I would say the first is a Coop and the second is a Sharpie.
  2. And what about Greater Scaup? They seem to have a similar range within Georgia as Common Goldeneye.
  3. I would certainly not call it on this photo, but the way the back of the head curves the opposite direction looks like COGO.
  4. In the very center photo with the giant tree in back, there are some with head shapes very similar to COGO.
  5. There are some photos with a house in them. Do you have any more from that area? There's a good candidate for Red-breasted Merganser sitting behind the bush in the water. Long and low with a peaked forehead but I'm not sure if the camera is skewing things because of the bush.
  6. REDH: 410 CANV: 90 RNDU: 2 LESC: 80 COGO candidates: 2 GRSC: 4 RUDU candidates: 3 Teal candidates: 3 My eyes hurt now EDIT: I can tell you where all the other ones are if you're interested
  7. I should mention, not entirely visible against the black.
  8. Black extends in a straight line from the shoulder across the back. This is a Western Tanager. In an American Goldfinch, the top stripe is not visible.
  9. 1. and 4. Common Gallinules, correct. 2. correct 3. Black Phoebe 5. Tree Swallow 6. correct
  10. First is a tanager, I believe Summer. Second is an Orange-crowned Warbler.
  11. Oh okay, I didnt see that report. Swanson's also have dark tail tips and their under wing coverts are light and their flight feathers are dark, the opposite of your bird. The dark morphs are a bit iffy with that feature but the under wing coverts are a light orangish rather than black like your bird. Also, the overall giss doesn't look swainsons to me.
  12. I'd agree with Harlans due to the lack of a substantial dark tail tip, and the first photo shows some light areas near the legs. When zooming up, you can kinda see light streaking in the breast. Southern Oregon I believe is a good place to get them.
  13. A couple more tips for the hawk: the thin dark bands on the underside of the tail are generally indicative of a red tail. Also, shape is key. Rough-leggeds appear bottom heavy, whereas Red-tails look broad shouldered and more top heavy. I agree with the sparrow.
  14. Swainsons Hawks migrate to Argentina for the winter. No black tail tip on this guy - meaning it's an immature dark morph red tail due to the light eye.
  15. Looks good for Green-winged to me. I believe Blue-wingeds have a pronounced eye ring.
  16. Hm, well the first thing I thought was Red-headed or Red-bellied Woodpecker... hm. I agree, behavior would be great info.
  17. Yeah I agree with those. I'm thinking red tail now.
  18. I agree. This guy is kinda in between juvenile and adult. The streak pattern is a bit more on the streak side than the checkered side seen in juveniles. The red tails here regularly have messy patterns that extend way up into the neck and chin area.
  19. I think the white one in the upper right is a glaucous gull... I can't help with anything else.
  20. First is indeed a red tail. Second looks like a rough-leg due to the thick stripes on a dark tail.
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