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  1. In the photograph, everything around the bird is green. The light reflects off of the green leaves and makes the bird appear a bit green. This happens with a ton of birds. EDIT: I agree with Cardinal ?
  2. He said ABA/World I believe. Submit your world one.
  3. Yearlist updates please? *this is going well*
  4. Hope y'all are having a great Christmas and Holiday season
  5. Agree with Yellow-rump. Probably female or immature male.
  6. My backyard this morning. There's a layer of fog sitting right on the ground.
  7. It happens, but I think there are some subspecies that get that light.
  8. I could almost see this one as a Gyrfalcon but the shape is off. I think maybe a really light colored red-tailed hawk.
  9. Welcome to Whatbird! It's a House Finch. The "white cap" appears to be either snow or leucism.
  10. My first thought was Cassin's due to the contrast between the throat and dark hood.
  11. I'm having a tough time with the overall shape for Rough-legged. The black shoulder looks so clean and uniform as well. I'm thinking dark red tail. Oh - and the pale primaries is indicative of a young bird. I've seen some crazy FEHA-level pale primaries on red tails. I could be wrong though.
  12. Your birds have shadows, making the tail itself look darker but the undertail coverts are not dark so yes that's the major ID point here. Also, Bohemians are significantly duller and more brownish than yellow. Keep an eye out for them though and listen for their calls ?
  13. Female and male Ruddy Duck Female Spruce Grouse: Male Spruce Grouse:
  14. The tail is long and it appears to be walking, not hopping like a finch.
  15. Yearlist update: Crazed: 410 Mermaeve: 289 Melierax: 287
  16. My yard: The Sawtooths in Idaho: Makes me want to get better winter landscape photos this season ?
  17. I'll post the first yearlist update this Friday. I hope once we start we'll get more people interested. Anyone can join if they'd like!
  18. Thanks! Yeah I know that, it was just a personal challenge and I wanted the more divided look.
  19. Yeah so... I did this with a touchpad using 32 colors on a computer running windows 98
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