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  1. Zanzibar Red Bishop Photo credit Google
  2. By the way, I meant every Friday at 12:45 for the yearlists, not every day
  3. This was here before. Post a photo with both species of a similar type, like Greater and Lesser Scaup, Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers, etc. Cooper's Hawk (left), and Sharp-shinned Hawk (right):
  4. Try going through this list with the pictures and find what fits the best and see if you recognize any of the names https://ebird.org/region/US-MN/media?yr=cur&m=
  5. Townsend's Solitaire? That's the only other bird I can think of
  6. Here's a Gray Catbird... can you describe the beak and any other mark you remember relative to this bird?
  7. Can you clarify? It had red tail feathers? Also location can help a ton. Try Gray Catbird though. Or female Northern Cardinal.
  8. Cool idea! Belted Kingfishers - Male vs Female
  9. It's a bummer. People don't use forums any more I guess
  10. @egosnell2002 Hey welcome back! You were on before the crash right?
  11. I don't know about Mexico but it looks like a Red-breasted to me. (two head tufts, long skinny bill, overall shape)
  12. k thanks. *I hope we don't have just two*
  13. Oof that's an odd photo, almost looks like an Eastern Kingbird. I agree with Peregrine Falcon, I think the white stripe looks fine. The breast markings mean it's not a Merlin, AMKE, or PRFA, so you're pretty much left with PEFA. Also its shape looks good.
  14. Perhaps a Clark's Nutcracker? They can appear tan sometimes
  15. Alright! I'll probably do this every day at 12:45 pm MDT. Send me your updated yearlist anywhere before then and I'll add it!
  16. Hey y'all, how about we make this a bit more lively! Drew (crazed4birds) had a year bird competition before the crash, so maybe we could restart that! If everyone's on board, I'll ask every week for everyone's yearlists and post an updated leaderboard. (Btw if the older folks want to chime in, that would be great - I don't think we have enough young birders to make it work)
  17. Right. I've seen one of them at their flight shows ? Rosa is her name.
  18. Can confirm! It's banded though, which probably means it's not wild. I don't know about bands on these birds though.
  19. Haha yeah! I'm like 3/4 of the way through it and I started at the beginning of the semester... I actually really love piano. Whenever I'm down I just go play piano and it makes me happy
  20. There might be a mix in here. In general, they're super hard to ID in flight. Lessers have a peak in front and in back in flight, whereas Greaters have a smooth transition from the front beak to the neck. In addition, Greaters have more white than Lessers. Based on these criteria, I think the bottom two in the first photo might be Greaters while the rest are Lessers. I could be wrong though.
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