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  1. This could also be called intermediate morph, correct?
  2. Intergrade: And a pure YS, rare, in my yard: For some reason I don't have any good ones of red-shafted...
  3. Sounds like a raptor to me if anything (Mississippi Kite?), but I agree with @AlexHenrythat the description is just too vague to ID off of. You could compare what you saw to Mississippi Kite for us:
  4. If you hear a bird it's basically just another form of noticing the bird is there, so I count heard birds.
  5. 54 is my first non-zoomed in count. Now let's go in for detail... 5 HOME, 18 MALL, 8 RNDU, 1 AMWI, 5 GADW, 2 CANV, 2 LESC... and that one duck in the water that might be a RNDU. I counted 56 going through all again... idk what happened to the others I didn't put down as species lol.
  6. This is impossible. Here's a decent one. I like it because of the foliage, not necessarily the sharpness of the bird.
  7. That's a Virginia Rail. That's one of the many calls they can make. EDIT: Apparently that's the "female song"
  8. Ayy! Honestly I got it by the fringe around the wing coverts haha
  9. Definitely a Yellow-rumped Warbler. I'm no expert but I can see this is as either Myrtle or Audubon's, considering the white throat wraps around, but the throat also appears to have a yellow hue.
  10. Oh, my bad, I didn't read all the way. What about chipmunk/squirrel?
  11. Gotcha. I've never heard the full explanation but I've only heard people say it's something to do with a worse diet.
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