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  1. I think I went on that exact same trip when I was there! And I wasn't a birder then so I was just excited about one Caspian Tern and never checked for Murres or Auklets... rip. I agree with CAGUs.
  2. 307. Lesser Goldfinch 308. Ring-necked Duck
  3. 306. Gambel's Quail (Seen in the small population in Idaho. If it doesn't count I have another one from AZ)
  4. Doesn't look like we have this yet... 305. Spruce Grouse
  5. They're just starting to poke around south and into Atlanta. The bill looks a little weird but I believe Dark-eyed Junco is correct. EDIT: I'm an idiot. I agree with Cardinal.
  6. Close! This is a Thrush, kinda looks like a Wood Thrush but I'm not good with eastern thrush species.
  7. Welcome to Whatbird! My first impression was Red-tailed Hawk. I'm honestly not sure if the photos in the links you provided are Rough-legged Hawks (The shoulders are white, not black like in a RLHA in the first one and the tail in the second one supports Red-tail). I'm not sure they ever have that few markings on the belly and legs. also, the tail on your bird is striped and has very little white at the tip or the base which I believe heavily supports red-tail. If you look at Rough-legged Hawk tail feathers vs Red-tailed Hawk feathers you can see the difference. (Red-tailed Hawk immature tail feathers are basically colorless versions of adult's).
  8. Bummer! They're not super common though. I only saw them once the whole week... it can get really tiring looking through all the ducks there so I was lucky to see them alone.
  9. Just got back from a week-long trip to Yellowstone! It was amazing! I got yearbird Harlequin Duck and FINALLY got lifer Great Gray Owl!! Steamboat didn't go off, but it's pretty active right now. We saw White Dome Geyser and Great Fountain Geyser go off! And of course Old Faithful. We waited for Beehive but it never went... rip ?
  10. Not from today, but I just uploaded them. VERY sleepy Great Horned Owl Comma sp. : Boisduval's Blue (I think) Thicket Hairstreak: Western Side-blotched Lizard: Adorable Ground Squirrel: And finally, lifer Spruce Grouse:
  11. Looks like an American Goldfinch to me. EDIT: Didn't notice there were more shots ? . Chipping Sparrow.
  12. Immature Red-tailed Hawk. The dark patagials give it away though the overall facial structure kinda looks like a Swainson's to me. Also the tail and wingtips don't have enough black on them to be a Swainson's.
  13. Definitely a Red-tail. Harlan's is a possibility but I'm pretty sure they tend to have white throats. This could be an immature intermediate morph calurus.
  14. Redid my website layout and made a new blog post ? https://idahobirder.weebly.com/
  15. Now that I can see the photos better, I'm pretty sure these are American Crows.
  16. @akiley I saw your ID of the Redhead and I'm thinking this duck is another one. Do you think so? I'm not very good with other female ducks.
  17. Just noticed the rufous-y patch in the wing of the sparrow. I think that confirms Vesper.
  18. The Phalarope is correct and I think the sparrow is a Vesper but it's pretty messy. The duck looks like a Ring-necked Duck due to the slight whitish ring around the bill, and it doesn't have strong white around the base of the bill like the Scaups. In addition it has an eye ring characteristic of Ring-necks.
  19. For some reason I can't click on either of the photos but the one on the left looks okay for Common Raven. Also the Crows in Nova Scotia are American Crows ?
  20. Welcome to Whatbird! Female Spotted Towhees can appear chocolate brown. Not sure what else it could be.
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