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  1. Welcome to Whatbird! This is a Clark's Nutcracker. Gray body, thick beak, black wings and tail with white patches.
  2. Agreed. Also note the first three are young and that's why their markings are so dotted.
  3. It takes a lot of patience and breath-holding ? It's taken me forever to get out of the habit of kinda talking over the microphone so it sounds like some creep whispering lmho
  4. Thanks! ?I was sitting on a rock pile where I know he hangs out. He eventually poked his head out. I was probably about 10-20 ft away but I'm bad at estimating distances.
  5. I posted this a while ago but nobody looked at it ?
  6. From what I can see they're all Swainson's Hawks. The close-up photo looks like a young male with the lightish brown colors and incomplete bib. These guys are awesome during migration ?
  7. @MerMaeve that's awesome! Watched Mission Impossible: Fallout the other day. It was really good!
  8. Yeah we drove a lot on the highway back and forth. The Rest area is on the 80 mph highway and the nearest exits are several miles away in either direction. So to get from one side of the rest area to the other it's a good 10 minute drive. And then we had to go off another exit to get up in the Stone Hills which was quite a ways on gravel roads. So yeah we drove a lot ?
  9. Hmmm? . Let's just fix that and move on... EDIT: I have it down as 4 hours but I think you saw my party of 2 thing.
  10. https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S47909046 https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S47909046 Checklists from the past few days.... Also school starts tomorrow for me ?
  11. I believe only Calliope, Broad-tailed, Black-chinned and maybe Rufous are likely in CO. Rufous have wings that are shorter than the tail, and they have more Rufous than your bird. Broad-tailed has the same problem with the wings. Black-chinned don't show rufous. I'm still learning but I'm 90% sure this is a Calliope.
  12. Not sure about the rest but can confirm Heermann's Gull.
  13. Now that I'm looking at it more I think I might agree... That was my second impression.
  14. Oh no! That sucks! As far as your bird, it kinda looks like a House Finch but I think the beak might be too big, but it could also just be the angle. EDIT: Also welcome to Whatbird!
  15. https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S47697963 Had a good birding day yesterday ?
  16. I remember counting 50 on my way to Layton within the course of a few hours, and that was before I was particularly good at birding.
  17. Barn swallow because of the forked tail and the orange face.
  18. I asked some experienced birders and I got one Willow Flycatcher confirm.
  19. I only saw one Red-tailed Hawk during my entire two week east coast trip. It just seems like I see a lot more raptors than most here.
  20. Well it's a Flycatcher! I'm thinking Willow Flycatcher but Western Wood-Pewee is an option.
  21. #1: Common Goldeneye #2: Ring-billed? Not sure. #3: It's actually a first year male red-wing by the looks of it ?
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