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  1. Take a look at facial pattern. That's the biggest thing for me. Purple Finches have darker auriculars and malar stripes than House Finches.
  2. Dang. That's a bill deformity, poor bird. The yellow coloration indicates it's not getting enough nutrition as well.
  3. Welcome to Whatbird! Just from the black and white tail I'd be inclined to suggest Eastern Towhee, but that doesn't exactly match with everything else. Did you notice any other features like beak shape, leg color, etc?
  4. Welcome!! Both are Carolina Wrens. Different variations on their "teakettle teakettle teakettle" song. I'm currently in PA and there's plenty here, I'd assume that NJ is similar. I think they're relatively common throughout the east.
  5. Do you happen to have photos of a DCCO sitting on the same branch? IMO the tail is long enough to be Neotropic, but I couldn't be certain.
  6. Why was Cassiar Junco ruled out? Features of oregon and slate-colored are here - fairly well defined hood, gray sides though, and a brown back.
  7. Thanks! Just curious - I've recently been interested in RTHA x RLHA hybrids. Since this bird does have a substantial dark tail tip, is this a possibility? I also think the beak looks a bit small for Red-tailed, the angle is tough though.
  8. You should wait for more opinions. I'm not confident this isn't a Rough-legged Hawk.
  9. Looks pretty good for a Harlan's Red-tailed Hawk (possibly light morph?). Lack of a white base to the tail rules out Rough-legged Hawk. EDIT: Just checked eBird reports, Harlan's would be quite rare. I'm not sure what else this could be.
  10. Ooh so I get to do another one then.... let me get one
  11. We're back everyone! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjNB6VN1RFLp7pMG9aVqrMg/live
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