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  1. Still images often capture stuff that doesn't make sense but makes sense in motion - you can see the sliver of bright light falling on the edge of the fountain, and it's not very big. The waxwing was probably only in it for a couple milliseconds.
  2. You'd have to go through them with a decent scope, but the ones that are sort of IDable are Scaup, not IDable to species.
  3. My guess is a bird bathing so its foot is sticking up out of the water and all we can see is the belly.
  4. Last bird was CLNU, first bird was CLNU ?
  5. Looks like an Oregon - I believe first year birds have the brown nape and cap. Just to clarify, Dark-eyed Junco is the species, Oregon is one of the subspecies.
  6. The cowbird looks too blue. In the Nuthatch and the Painted Bunting, the blue coloration is overexaggerated. And unless your house is painted blue, it makes the wall look kinda blue as well. Also look at the rim of the plant pot - it should be black, but it's blue. Since the cowbird is normally a dark brown coloration it appears slightly blue.
  7. All common, except the bird second from the right which is actually a Long-tailed Duck.
  8. Had a crazy CBC weekend a week ago! WWSC, I think the 4th or so for the county? 2nd for the CBC. GWFG, 1st for the CBC. YBLO!!! 2nd one in Idaho this year, first for the CBC and the county. Insane birds, all self found. (Oh, and a bonus CACG. I had 15 total on both CBCs) Ended with 61 species for each CBC.
  9. That's actually a Blue Jay. I've heard them make similar sounds before.
  10. @Tony Leukering I've contacted some people from AZ who say the ones that look like this are deemed to be hybrids. What do you think?
  11. Mmkay... The second and third photos are the ones that could show a black breast shield, and I'm not sure you can see quite enough to say there isn't some black there. I'm just looking at eBird photos of hybrids, and there are plenty that show clear hybrid facial patterns but minimal or blotchy black on the chest. It doesn't have to be a solid black band: https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/273892531#_ga=2.44489508.1470592558.1608935090-646883966.1598537587 https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/212097781#_ga=2.7723186.1470592558.1608935090-646883966.1598537587 I'm no expert, but I'm not sure that's enough to say it isn't a hybrid. Here's a quote off of birds of the world: Dagetti is "Similar to S. r. ruber, but red on head and breast is somewhat duller and more orange, auriculars often with black, and white malar more prominent" From what I've read, dagetti don't really have white superciliums that often. Even in the photo you shared the comments suggested a possible hybrid. Again, I'm no expert, I'm learning myself here.
  12. Ooh I'll post one of each subspecies I've seen. Oregon male and female: Gray-headed: Slate-colored (I don't have one uploaded to my website or my drive so this is the best one I have on hand) I'll add ones of cismontanus later. I have some at my feeders but I don't have a good photo on hand.
  13. Why do you think it's not a hybrid? There are some dark areas in the breast, and I'm examining tons of photos of hybrids and they all look closer to this bird than a dagetti, most particularly with the extent of white in the supercilium. I'm not completely sure, but I'd like to better understand your reasoning.
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