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  1. The white supercilium hints towards hybrid. I'm good with hybrid - doesn't look pure to me.
  2. Alrighty! Next challenge is... three diving duck species in one photo. Hopefully that's achievable?
  3. Oh, I think I got one... yep. Forgot about this lol, saw these Sunday. Herring Gull far right, Californias and a Ring-billed far left.
  4. The challenge was three gull species, and I think we've done that challenge before
  5. Okay, that was the field mark I wasn't sure on. Thanks all!
  6. EDIT: Since this is often a topic of confusion, I am aware this is a Red-tailed Hawk ? Thinking Harlan's on this bird since I've never seen this plumage on a classic immature western, but I don't know the range of variation in immatures.
  7. This is a Canada. Cacklers have really short beaks and steep foreheads.
  8. Kind of impossible to ID from the photo, but strikes me as a Pacific Wren. Habitat fits too.
  9. Looks good to me - very dark coloration, white speckling concentrated in breast, light streaks across the face. There may be other field marks that are more reliable though.
  10. Swainson's don't show belly bands. Red-tailed Hawk - probably Krider's? Not good with those subspecies.
  11. I'm pretty sure the first birds I ever technically "saw" were House Finches. My first list I ever put on eBird was a whale watching cruise and that included Pigeon Guillemots, Rhinoceros Auklets and stuff so that doesn't really count. I remember American Pelicans flying over the house, and a Peregrine Falcon which I'm still not sure was an actual Peregrine or not... if my memory from when I was like 6 is any good it definitely was, but who knows!
  12. Not IDable without photos or in-person recognition of features, namely bill size. Not sure which one is more likely - I saw both when I was in San Diego in summer a while ago.
  13. Reason being, they're looking for handouts ? . They tend to wander a lot more when in the wilderness.
  14. I first joined the forum in November 2015. I'm so glad that it's starting to pick up speed again! I learned so much from everyone on here.
  15. Only the mods can move it - that's why Michael mentioned Aveschapines.
  16. Half making fun here, half not, but are you even trying to ID these on your own? ?
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