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  1. Question: If we reach the end of the warbler list, can we keep going and post better and better photos of each species? ?
  2. The forum went through a crash and now the old topics that this would fit better in are gone and nobody seems to be interested enough to reinstate them. I think your question might go better in the other thread simply because it's technically "ID help" even though it's not a particular bird you're wanting ID'd.
  3. Depending on the location, Mute Swan can be considered domestic/not an established population. That's probably why.
  4. Did you double check the time and location? Sometimes places in other states have identical names or something.
  5. I think the rule is 12-18, at least. I think the pre-crash Whatbird's Young Birders had some people up to 20, but not sure. Welcome to the club! ?
  6. Steller's Jays have varying amounts of white and blue on their heads (I think there are some subspecies at play here but have yet to find any good research articles on them)
  7. I remember that! What was the consensus? I think I may have said Harlan's but I don't remember. Now that I look at it, seems like melanism is a possibility.
  8. Correct! ISSJ are only 4 oz, BBMA are 6.2 oz, and MERL are 6.9 oz.
  9. Hmm... that's tough. I think that pretty much limits us (at least me in PA and Idaho by next week) to Redpolls and Rosy-finches... Evening Grosbeak and Pine Grosbeak in PA but they both breed in Idaho too.
  10. Ayy! Alright, my turn again... Black-billed Magpie, Island Scrub-Jay, Merlin
  11. I've just spent some time listening through different calls. Barred Owls from what I can tell don't make that raspy almost cat-like screech - I still like GHOW.
  12. To be fair, I've never heard Barred Owl solicitation calls. It does sound spot on for Great Horned though.
  13. The first one is actually a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. The second one is indeed a late-staying Tennessee Warbler.
  14. You both are correct! Ruby-crowned Kinglets average 0.24 oz. Gnatcatchers are close at 0.23 oz and bushtits are 0.19 oz.
  15. Alright... Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Bushtit, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
  16. Yeah I know, I just can never remember the technically definitions of immature and juvenile.
  17. Pretty sure those are Lark Buntings.
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