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  1. Took these a couple days ago, S. WI. First pic looks like ducks, that's all I can tell. Second two pics have four grayish birds flying that don't look like ducks, but I have no idea.Well, I don't think they're pigeons :/. There is a Trumpeter swan lower left in the one for somewhat of a size reference. Thanks to my FF camera you can't zoom in, sorry. Thank you!
  2. Awesome, thank you! This is a life bird for me! 😀
  3. S. WI yesterday. This bird was so high up I’m surprised I even spotted it. All I’m really sure of is it’s not a vulture. I wouldn’t expect positive identification but any guess would be appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Today, through a screened window 😕. Thanks!
  5. These were all seen in or near the marsh over the weekend, late day close to golden hour. The flycatcher was among cattails and marsh brush. The hawk was pretty far away flying high over the marsh. The wren and mystery bird were on the edge of some small woods next to the marsh. I only got two shots of the white bird, and I was REALLY overexposed- but trust me- the bird was mostly white. I darkened the photos as much as I could, but in the last photo (of the white bird) the head of the bird is all but invisible. Is it a hawk? Can you tell which? I got a couple lousy shots of the wren, but when I downloaded them later I realized the wren was replaced by a different bird in the last photo I took, possibly a vireo? I won’t expect too much from those photos especially since the wren doesn't even have a face 😕. Any info is helpful- thanks as always!
  6. I brightened up that darker photo and brought out a little more detail if that helps. Otherwise, thank you for identifying the first one 😃
  7. Can you tell from the bad photos what these are? Not sure if it's the same bird. Two original photos, two closeups. Thanks!
  8. Is this an indigo bunting? There is an adult male around, but I haven't seen them near each other, and this one is mostly feeding on the ground, not the feeders like he is. And that bluish neck/breast is kind of throwing me. This was today- it's actually still out there on the board, 6pm central. Thank you!
  9. So the bird on the branch in the first two pics is the female cardinal? I wish I could see it. All I can see is the pheasant mallard kestrel bird that I can't get out of my head. Ha. Thank you!
  10. Saw these birds two days ago. The first bird in question (first 3 pics) is sitting on a branch, and about 7 o’clock from it is another bird that looks like it’s flying toward it. That bird is a brown thrasher for size comparison that took off while I was shooting it. I’m not sure if the white that looks like a ring around the bird’s neck is part of a branch or the bird. I’m also not sure if it’s looking backward or that’s just sunlight on leaves or something. The green is probably aberration as that green is other places in the photo as well. The third photo must be the brown thrasher as it doesn’t look like the other bird and is not on the same branch. The two shots were one right after the other so I didn’t really see what was going on. It’s probably a bird I’m familiar with, just a lot of illusion in the photo. The second bird in question I shot through the windshield quite late in the day so I brightened them and added a hair of detail. I thought it was a cowbird, but the bill didn't look quite right. But she could've had her head turned to get that effect I imagine. Thank you for your time!
  11. This bird stopped by yesterday, and I thought it was a mature female at first. Then I noticed yellow scattered throughout the bird and light streaking which I haven’t seen before. I have seen this color in house finches but not purple, and I can’t find much information about it. Is it just an immature (male?) purple finch? Thanks for any information!
  12. Wonderful! I have never seen or heard this bird before. Well I still haven't seen it :) . Can you tell me why I might be hearing two of these birds winnowing if it's still early for courtship? Unless it's not? Do the males and females both do the winnowing? I believe I'm in the "non breeding" area for this bird but probably not that far out. Thanks so much!
  13. I heard two of these birds today calling to each other. The distance between them was probably 1000 feet or more in a line of trees in the marsh. It was too far for me to see anything. The video is one of the calls, kind of hard to hear. The call starts when the video pans right, almost loon sounding.
  14. After looking at hundreds of photos on the internet trying to find any swan at all flying into the sunset at the exact angle as mine (and finding none) I am convinced it’s not a mute swan. But whatever it is, that distinct black/orange line has me puzzled, and there’s none of the orange on the head. But that wouldn’t be the first time that happened ha. Also, mute swans aren’t rare around here and are on our checklists. Thank you!
  15. This bird was flying away from me, and the shots only got worse after this one. Can I count on the orange bill here to confirm a mute swan or is there another species that might have this at some point? A knob on the bill isn't apparent, but possibly it's blocked from view? Thanks so much.
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