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  1. S. WI just a little bit ago, country. Heard it and turned on Merlin and was surprised there was no match as I was fairly close to the sound. Could it be a blue jay? I have Midwest and West Coast bird pacs. 2023-09-23 1428.wav
  2. The photo in my camera looks much more like black legs especially compared to the orange legs/feet of the Blackpoll that I was speaking of.
  3. Oh I forgot, there was actually a Blackpoll at pretty much the same time, same tree as this bird. I knew it wasn't the same bird because Blackpoll had just had a bath and was dripping wet just moments before I got these ^ shots.
  4. S. WI today, country. This is the luck of the inexperienced birder πŸ˜•. I feel like it's probably identifiable to you pros.
  5. S.WI Waukesha County 4/15. This was around 5pm in a prairie area. It was with another bird (top blurry bird in original) which I believe was a Red-winged. Grackle, Rusty, or Brewer’s probably, but the poor photo makes it too difficult for me. Thank you for your time!
  6. Thank you. So the Bewick's is the beginning and the end?
  7. My brother in Hillsboro, OR sent me this today from his home in a residential area. Bird is at the beginning and at the end, not sure about the chirps in the middle. Warbler? Thank you! New Recording 3.m4a
  8. Thanks so much. I'll still see if I can crop and possibly bring some detail out in the goose.
  9. S.WI today. Ross's or Snow? Either way it's a lifer for me 😊. Thank you!
  10. Feb. 21, S.WI. These photos are from a group of mixed Trumpeter and Tundra swans. I don't know what order they are going to download in, but I'm speaking of the three swans that are zoomed in in two of the photos, and you can tell which the same are in the other photos. I thought they were Trumpeters because I thought that a juvenile Tundra would be mostly white by now, and the left most of the three looks like it has a gray neck and head. But a couple of the photos make all of the three look Tundra. Also, on the far left in the photo with the most swans, you can see what looks to be a clear juvenile Trumpeter. I think. Thank you!
  11. Thanks so much! Also, regarding Avery's "Disclaimer: Not an expert. Wait for confirmation!", are the likes confirmation? 😬
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