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  1. I recognize the different goldfinches .. but was baffled by the cowbirds I had never seen the black winged tan bird before
  2. thanks I have known this about goldfinches ,, for instance,,,but the Cowbird is so different from the adult I never would have associated it
  3. thanks.. I am in my 80s ,, so am still learning as I said .. I did not know this I lived on Cape Cod most of my life ,, saw plenty of gulls
  4. at the same time I had Number 3 and 4 . pictures I knew what a adult looked like I did not know the stages were so different
  5. In the picture from 10,000 birds , I see the first one I asked about .. is that a MALE Jeuvenile?
  6. I cant believe all the different stages of this bird.. is the brown one with very black wings a male ?
  7. now there also was a all gray fluffy looking bird about the same size as the cowbird with a yellow spot under its throat .. is that a baby cowbird .. it was with the molting one
  8. that's it !!! thanks so much for the good pictures only one here in Virginia
  9. My bird is back.. feeding at feeder and on the ground .. hanging around with cardinals ,, same size .. very long black tail and very black wings ,, tan body l.. orange-brown between wings on its back and same color on collar .. small beak Im not convinced its a cowbird ..
  10. I never knew this!! I can identify most around my home that are distinctive . that's why I was puzzled by this one thanks .. I am in my 80s .. still a lot to learn
  11. I hope we see it again it has not been back.. I did not realize they change so much, I thought if you see a bird that's its identity was pretty clear .. like male and female cardinals or gold finches when they moult .. someone else agreed with you.. thanks
  12. OK I am used to shiny black cowbird with brown head . Audubon . Field guide has 2 pictures .. one like I know and one all dull .. on 2 different pages 516 and 571 . .. so you must know more than I do ….. love your photos ..
  13. I don't see brown between black wings on the back and a brown collar .. it had very black wings with brown tips .. my son was with me and took the picture thru screen and blinds with his phone .. so they are not good . yours looks fatter also .. maybe its ruffled up
  14. it did not have the usual brown head and black body of male cowbirds I knw what they look like.. but maybe molting or young
  15. I have seen adult cowbird at the feeder at other times so maybe you are right I have lived in 7 states am an avid birdwatcher .. I dont know what this is,, it is August in Virginia it looked like a tan oriole .. thanks
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