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  1. My  bird is back..  feeding at feeder and on the ground ..  hanging   around    with cardinals  ,,  same  size ..  very  long  black tail  and  very  black wings ,,  tan  body l.. orange-brown  between  wings on its back  and  same color on    collar ..  small beak   Im not    convinced its a cowbird ..   

  2.  I    hope  we  see it again  it has not been back.. I did not realize  they change so much, I thought if you see a bird  that's its identity was   pretty  clear .. like   male  and female  cardinals or gold  finches   when  they  moult ..  someone  else  agreed with you.. thanks 

  3.  OK  I am used to  shiny  black  cowbird with  brown  head .  Audubon .  Field  guide has 2 pictures   .. one  like   I know  and one all  dull ..  on 2 different pages  516   and 571 . ..   so you must know more than I do …..  love your  photos  ..  

  4.  I  don't  see   brown   between  black wings on the  back   and a brown  collar  .. it had very black  wings  with brown  tips ..   my son was with me and took the picture thru  screen and  blinds  with       his  phone .. so they are not  good .  yours looks  fatter   also .. maybe its ruffled up 

  5.   maybe like immature   Towhee.   most like the  coloring.    it was at a seed feeder  but I had just put   some new  seed with  dried fruit  it was not   not on the  ground ..  I have  Audubon  field  guide .. no help   I have lived in several  states.. never saw a bird like this  looked like an oriole  but tan   not orange  at all  .

  6.  I  guess they are long  skinny  robins..     and  almost  hop..   thanks...     emaciated  robins ….  I am   in my 80s   and  can identify  many  birds  but this bunch  are odd  looking   I know the  female  red wings  come  first..  and can identify them 

  7. .. maybe 10  at a time..    pecking  in the  ground .   where    . grass has  just been cut  I only noticed the white line on 1 ..  but  yesterday saw the big white patch  under the  tail..  which made me think of towhees.. I am a long time bird watcher  I would  say they are upright .. they come in late afternoon in a bunch..  they really look like long skinny  robins..  what I assume are females have some white  among  lighter   brown  back  feathers   any thrasher  with  orange breast?

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