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  1. Hello again!


    Thanks for your help so far. 🙂 

    I've got a couple more that I'm looking for ID assistance on......


    The first two are different hummingbirds....  Both Vervain?  (The call sounded correct for Vervain for the first one, but didn't hear the second one.)

    Are the next three pictures possibly Yellow-faced Grassquits?











  2. Hello everyone 🙂


    It's been a while since I've posted on here, but I'm hoping to get your help with bird ID's from Jamaica in January.  

    Most of the pictures that I am struggling with are REALLY bad quality.....  I apologize!   ID's may not even be possible, but I thought I would give posting on here a shot anyway.


    The first bird was a swallow or swift high up above the resort in the evening....  Possible Antillean Palm-Swift?

    Second bird.....  Great-tailed Grackle?

    Third bird......  This is a hard sell!.....  I'm pretty sure it was a Cuckoo of some kind.  All you can see in the picture I have taken is the SUPER blurred, long tail of the bird.  (In the center of the photo.)  You can kind of see the white circular pattern on the tail though, which makes me think either Mangrove Cuckoo or Jamaican Lizard-Cuckoo.  The white edging on the tail, and the behavior, (moving really quickly along the tree branches), make me think Jamaican Lizard-Cuckoo?  I also heard the bird call, and I would say it was the Jamaican Lizard-Cuckoo call.....    


    Thanks for taking a look!





  3. Hello :-)


    Hoping to get some help with gull ID's on the following photos.  (If any ID's can be made from my bad quality pictures.)  All were taken in Nova Scotia last week.


    Thanks for the help!


    31700099078_6482cf8d2d_k.jpgIMG_6414 - NS - Oct 2018 by Sarah Murphy, on Flickr


    44847871844_11b73d85bf_k.jpgIMG_6400 by Sarah Murphy, on Flickr


    43755238500_fdf067188a_k.jpgIMG_6398 - NS - Oct 2018 by Sarah Murphy, on Flickr


    44847872244_2baea2457a_k.jpgIMG_5856 - NS - Oct 2018 by Sarah Murphy, on Flickr


    43755238850_83b37e72ba_b.jpgIMG_5850 - NS - Oct 2018 by Sarah Murphy, on Flickr


    44847872264_1fb4ddd2d0_b.jpgIMG_5848 - NS - Oct 2018 by Sarah Murphy, on Flickr


    43755239030_1cc465babb_h.jpgIMG_5836 by Sarah Murphy, on Flickr


    44847872494_07a565cc8c_h.jpgIMG_5700 - NS - Oct 2018 by Sarah Murphy, on Flickr


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