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  1. So lucky! They like to hide. I have yet to capture a photo of one. πŸ˜›
  2. I love these little guys. See them all the time around my house. They are quite entertaining. They do all kinds of acrobatics in the branches of our juniper and piΓ±on trees. I could watch them for hours (If they stuck around more than 30 seconds). πŸ˜›
  3. A couple of years back I was on another birding website and I found a nesting pair of rufous hummingbirds on my property. I was excited about it and wanted to share. The feedback I got was crushing. I was called a liar and asked to leave. They raked me over the coals. I didn't have a camera at the time and I vowed that I would never be without one again. It was pretty bad. I wonder if those people read that article and thought about my nesting pair of beauties. I hope so. πŸ˜› p.s. I'm in New Mexico
  4. aww so cute. I love Mourning Doves. I have a pair nesting near my house this year. It's been so long since they've been on the property. ❀️
  5. Sounds like a Thrush to me but I'm no expert. Swainson's maybe or a Townsend's Solitaire?
  6. Prairie Warbler? O.o It's a long shot but orange(ish) on the back and a yellow throat.
  7. Thank you. I'm so excited to be able to get out there again. I've been sick for so long. ❀️
  8. NW New Mexico between Farmington and Shiprock along the San Juan River. Anyone know who these little beauties are?
  9. I live on a mesa overlooking the San Juan river and we have a nesting pair below the house. I hear them all day and all night. Always makes me smile.
  10. Absolutely gorgeous. I'm so jealous. 😠
  11. When I saw Mexican Sparrow in the title I was fully expecting a Bandolero complete with pistolas a sombrero a very manly mustache while clenching a cigar out of the side of its beak and shouting, "Viva, Mexico!" But I'm a New Mexican so I'm a bit of a romantic. πŸ˜›
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