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  1. Oh sorry. had a down turn so I was away from the computer. It's in the title. Pensacola City Beach, Florida. ❤️
  2. My sister-in-law sent me this pic. I'm not good with gulls. I'm a born and raised desert rat from NM. I don't know from gulls. Can someone please identify this for me. The white tail is throwing me off cuz I'm stupid. 😛
  3. White-crowned Sparrows are one of my favorite winter birds. Last month we had a snowstorm and actually ended up with a couple of inches (NW New Mexico). Unfortunately, I have health issues and storms tend to put me in bed for a couple of days with intense pain. So I wasn't able to keep up with the feeding of my local bird population. I put the seed and nuts in bushes and around trees to give them a chance to escape and hide from our sharp-shinned community (which is substantial). I managed to hobble to the front door after the snowfall and opened it to see how much was on the ground. I saw a single set of bird tracks coming from the yard where I feed them leading to the path up my stairs and finally ended at my front door. That's when I realized I hadn't fed them for a couple of days. Karen in bird form came to complain to the manager. There's a lilac bush close to my door and as I stepped out to set out some seed a White-crowned flew from the bush into a tree close by... and scolded me! The audacity! 😛
  4. Can I chip in? Sorry. Couldn't resist. I'm a bad person. I love Chipping Sparrows.
  5. ::wakes up from hibernation:: wait.. what? I'm like Beetlejuice. Say my name and I'll appear. Except I'm not as charming or handsome. O.O
  6. Gorgeous captures. Especially the sparrow. ❤️❤️
  7. That's not just a purple finch that's a PURPLE finch. O.O I'd hate to get on his bad side.
  8. I usually see them hanging out with Nuthatches in my area. I have a couple of suet feeders as well as the seed feeders and they tend to stay in the area during the winter. I'm seeing more bird activity than in the past. I don't know if it's due to the severe drought or the wildfires. Probably a combination of the two. They sure keep the feeders busy.
  9. Sorry for the quality. Taken on a phone. Phoenix AZ yesterday. Thank you so much in advance. Y'all are amazing. ❤️
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