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  1. Saw this small bird today (8/18) in bad light off Whidbey Island in Puget Sound, Washington. It was close to shore. Immature? Adult? Stumped.
  2. I saw this bird on Puget Sound saltwater 9/4/20. Is it a Pigeon Guillemot or some other bird? Thanks
  3. Saw these birds in freshwater pond just a short distance from Puget Sound saltwater. They almost appeared to be walking on water as thick algae(?) near shore bank. In Washington State on Whidbey Island taken today 8/9/20. There were at least 3 if not more of these birds eating in same vicinity. If past history is a guide, it is probably neither of these two but a third bird I have overlooked!
  4. Picture taken today (7/11/20) along rocky beach on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound (bit north of Seattle WA). Thinking Least as legs don't appear to be black.
  5. Well, another instance where my old, "trusty" bird book has failed me. I don't even see Pacific Loon in my book, so I assume it is a fairly recent taxonomic revision. I am off to Amazon to get a newer birding ID source. Thanks.
  6. This picture taken 3/3 in salt water off Whidbey Island, Puget Sound, Washington. I think it is a Arctic Loon but possibly Common Loon?
  7. Yes, I saw the band. Duh, I have only seen one other rough-legged hawk, but I should have realized that is what it is. The vast majority of raptors I see are red-tailed, N. Harriers, Osprey & Bald Eagles in all life stages, so I didn't think outside the box so to speak. Thanks to all!
  8. Saw this bird 1/18/20 on telephone wire in Skagit Valley, WA. The area is flat farmland but fresh and saltwater nearby. Area full of eagles and hawks. My first thought was immature bald eagle but then began to ponder possibility of red-tailed because of bill.
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