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  1. OK thanks. Now I listened to the voices from Peterson and I think it was an American crow.
  2. I still have this photo. Unfortunately, I didn't have a telephoto lens with me.
  3. What kind of seagull is it? New York (Governors Island) 07/19/2021 I
  4. 10/14/2020 Jersey City (Liberty State Park) Buff-bellied pipit?
  5. Taken 09/28/2020 in Liberty State Park. Yellow-rumped warbler?
  6. 09/25/2020 Jersey City #1 American redstart? #2 Northern parula? #3 Blackpoll warbler?
  7. 1/9/2020 in Jersey City. Is this a Snow Goose? Seems a bit small compared to the Canada Goose.
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