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  1. If you want a guaranteed opportunity, weather permitting, to photograph Atlantic Puffins, this is the tour to take. I first heard of this tour on PBS's "Wild Photo Adventures". I have wanted to go to New England for quite some time so I included this tour on my things to do. I will try to be informative but brief. I booked this tour through Bold Coast Charters out of Cutler, ME. Your Captain is Captain Andrew "Andy" Patterson. They start taking reservations shortly after the New Year. This year, reservations were closed by Feb. 15. I tried to make one for the "peak" (June 19) of the season on Jan. 3. That date was already booked. I was able to make a reservation for June 12 by Jan. 6. The fee is $150, half due at the time of reservation the other half at departure. Cash or check. Refunds provided for weather related cancellations. You might not go. You might go but not land. Please go to the Bold Coast Charter website for more particulars. I chose what turned out to be a "perfect" day. We left at 8 a.m. It takes about an hour to get to the island. The Island is disputed between the USA and Canada. If you land, you are on a Bird Sanctuary. You are expected to follow directions that are given. Nothing major. Just do as you are told. Once everyone in the party is on the dock you go up to a gathering spot, offered use of the outhouse (one at a time walking to and from), then you are escorted to your photo blind. Four people per blind and we were allowed 1 hour. Blind time might vary. There are so many puffins and Razorbills so close to the blind I would have been satisfied with 15 minutes. You do not need a very long lens. I used my Zuiko 50-200mm zoom with 2x teleconverter. Our blind was oriented south (door) to north. Four slide up shutters along each side alternating standing and kneeling eye levels and one standing opening on the North end. 4 strangers and we all took turns at different openings. You do not need a tripod or monopod. The window openings are adequate. The host of the PBS show used a tripod, but he had an entire blind to himself (with photographer). He supposedly had only a half hour! Birds - On the island you will see: My personal lifers - Atlantic Puffins, Razorbills, Artic Terns, and Savannah Sparrows were very common. I also saw a Northern Gannet and a Red-breasted Nuthatch. The only previous seen bird were Common Terns. When you walk to and from the outhouse the terns, protecting their nests will harass you flying around your head. I was pecked twice. Fortunately I had a knit cap on. On departure, Captain Andy cruised briefly offshore the main island and a very small neighboring island. From the boat I was able to photograph Lifers - Common Eiders and Common Murres. Also some seals and a Bald Eagle (not a lifer). Going and coming I photographed for the first time a Common Loon and a Black Guillemot. So one trip, 10 lifers if my math is correct. Some people in the group had taken the tour multiple times. Some were planning on going again. I enjoyed it, but the weather was so nice I think this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and am looking forward to visiting other areas of the USA for bird photography, Atlantic Puffin Razorbill Arctic Tern
  2. Please. Terrible photo taken from a more than gently rocking boat on 6/12/2019 in Cutler Harbor, Cutler, ME. The Captain pointed it out and I forget what he called it. I am petty sure the photo is just good enough for a positive ID. The solid white spot on the wing and NE Coast sighting should make it positive. Lifer, so I want to make sure. Thank you.
  3. Please. Again, more of a confirmation. Taken 6/12/2019 on Machias Seal Island, 10 miles SE of Cutler, ME. Based on my research the Savannah is the resident sparrow on the island. Thank you.
  4. Please. More of a confirmation I guess. Taken on 6/12/2019 on Machias Seal Island, 10 miles SE of the coast of Cutler, ME. There are no trees on the island so seeing a Nuthatch was a little surprising. Thank you!
  5. Hello, This morning I had a good reason to make a post in quite some time. I copied the BBCode from Imgur. Now, I cannot actually see the photo in my post under Lifers. I also inadvertently posted the same photo twice. Now I am having problems editing my post. I am just not seeing the "Edit" option. Again, it has been almost a year since I started my new User name after the system crash and I am having some problems navigating. I have tried using the search feature to try to find topics like "editing" and "posting photos from Imgur" without success. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  6. Atlantic Puffin, taken 6/12/19 at Machias Seal Island, about 10 miles SE of Cutler, ME. If you want to photograph Atlantic Puffins, this is the place to go. I used Bold Coast Charters. They start taking reservations in early January. Book early if you are interested. Space is limited. I believe they were totally booked before the end of the month. You will also see Razorbills, Common Terns, Arctic Terns, possibly Northern Gannets and a few other species. Note, I went in early June. You may also see some seals.
  7. Hi! I have my photos organized by file folders. If I take a special trip, I use that for the file name. Otherwise, I use the date downloaded as the file name. Any lifers or real exceptional shots a copy to my lifers folder which is organized by species. I keep copies on the hard drive and 2 RW DVDs. I tried to organize all my bird photos by species, but that was too much work. For instance, I have maybe over 100 osprey photos. To take the time to move those photos all around and they do eat up DVD memory. So at least one photo for each photographed lifer, and then a few favorite shots when I get them, all organized by species.
  8. Please. These were taken at Merritt Island NWR, Titusville, FL, on Sept 29. Not the best day for birding. Think the duck hunters had something to do with it. One of the few birds I saw and there was a big cloud covering the sun when taken. I note the white tipped coverts and the distinct white at the base of the under tail. I know it is not my primary objective, a Florida Scrub-Jay which I did not see a single one the entire weekend. I am leaning toward a Northern Mockingbird. Any help is appreciated.
  9. It has been a long time since I have posted anything at Whatbird. I guess I should have requested a confirmation. I assume no responses indicates agreement with my identification. Thank you.
  10. Please. I used to be LarryTheCoder. I finally have reason to create a new account. I believe these are a male and female Blue-winged Teals. Taken Sept 29 at Merritt Island NWR, Titusville, FL. I think these are lifers even if misidentified. Thank you.
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