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  1. Hmmm - possibly. At the time, that never crossed my mind. See Chimney Swifts often, but usually they are high up and chattering away. Thought this was a bigger bird. Thx!
  2. Hi all - saw this bird today, Oct 14, 2018 flying over a barrier island in the Tampa area of Florida (gulf coast). It was at sunrise and my impression at the time was Common Nighthawk. But in looking at the pictures I don't see the white patches in the wings. Pics are horrible with the bird flying away (in to the sun no less).
  3. I just want to follow up on this. I received a response back from Tony Leukering and this is a first year GW Teal. It was exciting for a while 😉
  4. Thanks all - done. Worse case they can have a laugh at my expense if I submit a GW Teal as a Garganey. It's been a fun learning experience. Hard to find good ID photos of that bird!
  5. I found a pic in my deleted files of the breast. That's what caught my attention - how speckled it was and I couldn't place it so I snapped a couple quick photos and forgot about it. I'll feel like an idiot if this is a Garganey.
  6. When I saw the duck in the attached photo it was standing so that it's breast was out of the water. The breast looked odd and different to me, very speckled, so I snapped a couple of pics. Unfortunately I've deleted everything except this one photo and now looking at it this duck does not seem to be a Mallard like I originally thought. Sorry - photo is a huge crop. The bill is lighter at the base and gets darker towards the end and the striping on the head looks "different" too. I can't find many pictures of them, but from what I can find I think this could possibly be a male eclipse Garg
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