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  1. I found this bird foraging on the ground in upstate New York over the weekend. I think it's one of the confusing fall warblers. Do these pictures have enough information to pin it down?
  2. This (presumably) male finch appeared at my feeder this morning on Long Island, NY. Is it possible to ID from these photos? I've never seen one with a crest like that.
  3. Found on Long Island, NY, this morning.
  4. I found this hawk circling overhead in Queens, NY yesterday morning. Can anyone tell from these pictures whether it's a Cooper's or something else?
  5. Found this warbler in a mixed flock on Long Island, NY this morning. Do you think it's a Prairie, or something else?
  6. Found these two gulls on Long Island, NY this morning. Could they be Bonaparte's?
  7. Found this flying across a pond on eastern Long Island, New York this morning. Short, stiff wingbeats. Is this photo enough to confirm it was a Spotted Sandpiper?
  8. That's what I was thinking, but I also thought it was too early for Dunlins out there. Thank you!
  9. Immature Dickcissel looks right to me. Pretty unambiguous.
  10. These are both from this week. The first (tall_grass.mp3) is in a marshy area near the bay, a high chattering sound coming from the tall grass near the bay in the early evening (around 6PM); I was unable to locate the bird (if indeed it was a bird). The second (screeching.mp3) is a loud screaming sound, possibly a raptor of some kind, in the middle of the afternoon (about 1PM), in the middle of a college campus, near a building, also not seen. Any thoughts at all would be helpful! Thank you. screeching.mp3 tall_grass.mp3
  11. I took these pictures earlier this week on a mud flat in California earlier this week. There were a few among hundreds of Black-necked Stilts, Least Sandpipers and Yellowlegs sp. that I wasn't sure about the identity of. Can anyone take a shot at these? (Heavily cropped, didn't want to overwhelm.) I wonder if any of them is a Western, but I don't have any experience with those.
  12. Second one looks good for Summer Tanager. The first one doesn't look like a gnatcatcher though -- probably a flycatcher. Maybe Eastern Wood-Pewee?
  13. Found this lone dowitcher sp. on the San Francisco bay this week. Greater Yellowlegs provided for scale. Is it possible to tell whether it's a Long- or Short-billed Dowitcher from these photos?
  14. Found this bird this morning in the area of San Jose, California. I assume it's an oriole from the bill shape, but I'm not sure which. Bullock's and Hooded are the main ones in this range. Can anyone tell?
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