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  1. Two questions we'll see if someone will sort out at some point... 1. was it a legit sighting? Someone shared a post from a lady who claims her son saw the bird. So who knows there... 2. Are they ever kept as pets? So in the Birding in Massachusetts group, it was shared that a roadrunner was seen in Massachusetts... was it? I don't know. IF it was, what are the chances it's wild? hmmm
  2. Not my bird... from Birding in Massachusetts facebook group. This is one of those moments where I'm scratching my head. They're reporting it as horned lark. Somehow I'm not seeing that. My brain went to "rare" things like redwing but I compared photos and, not quite... doesn't quite match any photos I see of any aged horned larks... Whatever it is, I'm just not familiar with that species or, that plumage of that species... One of these days my brain will retain more of these birds... It's getting a little better each year, slowly... progress is all that matters right? 🙂 https://
  3. I had no idea canaries could look like that... I'm still learning US birds and canaries... we'll I'm used to watching yellow birds on tv. HA And it's interesting that a canary is a seedeater... So just for fun, I contacted a local birder about this bird. He's a local college student. A couple years ago I noticed an older guy that leads the local Audubon field trips(when they were having them) would check with this guy to confirm things, count things, hear things... when one of the local "experts" turns to someone, you know that someone knows their stuff. I wasn't wrong to ask. Appare
  4. ok... I'll report with the / It will get flagged either way and the reviewer can look at it. If I had tons more free time I would have just gone back to get more photos and maybe pull the scope out.
  5. To be fair... they're not birders... and I've seen birders get pretty insistent on things that were wrong. As have I at one point I'm sure. Now if a pine siskin, yrwa, and hofi came together they might have a kid like this? HA.
  6. ack... they're arguing with me saying it's a yellow-rumped warbler... showing me field guide type pics saying it looks EXACTLY like it. hmmm
  7. I hope someone has some more thoughts... at least I don't feel bad now, thinking that I couldn't ID a simple bird from MA... I'm not 100% sure I understand that...
  8. it's giving me a mockingbird feel but that lighting... I'm not good with poorly lit birds and silhouettes and such.
  9. Someone in Massachusetts had a bird land on them... followed them onto a school bus... wouldn't leave them alone. Ended up taking a drive with them in their car from one town to another... and it just stays in their neighborhood... Sparrow like color, finch like bill... yellow rump. closest thing to me seems like pine siskin but, doesn't seem right for it... this is one of those birds that I'm just like ugh... will this be a big DUH moment when someone says something? ha
  10. Yeah, I was pretty sure about that one... but the first few pictures are a different bird that don't show as much detail. That's the one I'm really wanting feedback on. one neotropic cormorant is rare(ish) enough around here... two would be pretty interesting.
  11. There were two cormorants at the lake today... (NW Arkansas) To different birds but I think they're both neotropic. I should have used the scope and, I should have just ignored the people hanging out at a better spot and just gotten closer for better photos... Oh well... This one, the pics are not good... and they look about the same as each other. You can compare its size to the turtles on the log... This one is up closer
  12. Is the eye ring obvious enough here that this is a swainson's? I just want to rule out gray-cheeked, even though that would be a great bird for that day... (global big day) Wish the photo quality was better...
  13. I was bound to do that at some point in my life. HA
  14. could be but not what I'd expect. The shape of the head/neck/bill seems off to me(neck "seems" long), I'd expect a thicker white band on the speculum, and the bill is too uniformly orange. A female mallard's bill has more of a saddle and darker tones to it than this bird has. That's what I'm seeing anyway. I'm no expert on them.
  15. I'm looking at a guide and can't make this anything but a clay-colored at this point but would like confirmation... 🙂 I am glad I trusted my instincts and followed this bird for pictures. We had it out in the open on some brush and neither of us could figure it to what we'd expect there... I had the camera with me and just had to go follow it.
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