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  1. I hope people wont get sick of me with my old photos. NW Arkansas 8/20/2015... I had this one notation in my notebook that said "dropped and caught fish." I am fairly certain, IF my memory serves me, that what I meant here was that in flight this bird dropped a fish but caught it again IN the air. Looking at the bar charts there are a couple tern options but gulls would be less likely. The only ALMOST likely gull around in August would be ring-billed and I would not have had such a hard time figuring that. I also wouldn't have struggled with a caspian tern at this lake as I would have picked up the bill(and the pictures would as well) which leaves least and forster's terns as possibilities in my mind. BUT... the pictures are LOUSY... So, have fun.
  2. Again at a fish hatchery in NW Arkansas (I'll have a lot from here I think...) I've learned a bit the last few years... like seeing the note "NOHA" on a list for August here is definitely wrong. At times I've seen accipiters that showed a lot of white in the same area at the bast of the tail you might see on a northern harrier so I think that's where I made that error. I wrote down COHA on my list and this is one of the photos I have. I'm not sure that I saw a cooper's or if this is even the picture that made me think that... The color in the tail here is interesting to me though. I also had RSHA down and I think that's what's in this picture. I'm certain, especially since I have 2 down, they were calling so I'm certain there were two there. Now for the fun stuff... earlier in the day on the drive there I took this photo... Then at the hatchery we have these wonderful shorebirds... and, this may be a weird angle on one of those peeps but something about this looks more like a plover(which I don't think are there in August) And I wrote down that I saw spotted sandpipers(always easier for me to ID when they're flying so I can see the wings) but I think at least one of these birds might be a solitary...
  3. millipede

    Long Island warbler

    yeah, I check here for a lot of things before submitting to eBird... but if I'm ever fairly sure, I'll go ahead and submit anyway. Attach the photos and leave comments as to why you think its what it is. It will get flagged and a reviewer will look at it. If they don't like it or want more details, they will email you. Hopefully someone else will reply though to be certain. (someone liked my last reply so I think they agreed...)
  4. millipede


    I wont pretend to be good at IDing ducks in flight but that's certainly what I'd be thinking looking at these. They're too white and the bills look too long to be redheads. I don't THINK the color is right for a merganser of some sort. The bills look really, really long in a few shots but I think that may just be that I'm not used to looking at them from below. Wait for others to reply but canvasbacks is what I'd call them if it were my pictures.
  5. millipede

    Long Island warbler

    From the pictures, I can see it being a pine warbler but I wouldn't want to be a referee making that call... ha. And the males have quite a bit of yellow on them so I think it's good there. As far as being rare goes, I'd say based on the Bar Charts on eBird, it's uncommon this time of year but not necessarily rare. I looked at the charts for all of NY though but it shows them having been reported during every time period during the year, just barely though for this time of year... so again, uncommon but not quite rare. Still worth reporting though. 🙂 I'd wait for others to chime in on the ID...
  6. millipede

    8/2/2015 NW Arkansas

    I do have AMCO on my list for that day... perhaps I tried getting these poor images to show something wrong with the wing? I sure can't remember back that far. HA
  7. millipede

    Warbler I.D. needed.

    Ha... not for another month technically. I imagine some of the warblers might be carrying around something of a fall plumage, but maybe changing over. I know that some of the goldfinches at our feeders are transitioning a bit.
  8. Indeed, some of them are VERY frustrating for me... especially when so many look alike and/or vary and have differences with males and females and juveniles, etc... I'm seeing a female house sparrow here though. Someone beat me to it... ha. The male would have been easier to ID.... the female is just SO plain.
  9. millipede

    Warbler I.D. needed.

    indeed. Different angles can throw me off as well, like this one. I'm leaning towards an orange-crowned warbler but, definitely wait for other replies.
  10. millipede

    millipede's favorites...

    From 8/2/15 I love it when birds look at you funny... And some birds just look alien to me...
  11. Be warned, as I TRY to catch up on old checklists(and eBird) I will have LOTS more of these to keep you all busy. 🙂 Want to check on a hawk. Have pictures of a red-tailed flying so this is probably that but not a good photo and, what's hanging? Then some ducks. I wrote them down at the time as mallards which I can still kind of see as being possible... in August, maybe they're still in eclipse plumage? The one in the back left, the bill looks weird to me. This one is just for fun. No idea. The bill looks THICK... maybe just a cardinal. This next one, I just don't know. From one angle almost looks like it has the right color to possibly be a green heron... then, I'm not convinced. Weird angles of whatever it is... I believe I see yellow on the legs making this a least sandpiper And this one(if it's the same bird in both photos) I think I see black legs/feed under the mud, shortish bill... I'm thinking semipalmated sandpiper?
  12. millipede

    quack quack...

    I kind of wish I could move this to "birding news" now as I've received an answer on this topic and, well I found it informative. Seems like the ID section and the photo post(seems like just one topic there) are the only places a lot of people look on a regular basis. ha... Anyway, our state has a listserv for birders and I asked about observations from others. The reply I got came from a biologist with Ducks Unlimited... For a while now I've been wondering what other birds migrated based on food scarcity... we have more red-breasted nuthatches this year than any time in the 5(ish) years I've been a birder. I mean, just about everyone in Arkansas is seeing them this winter. Several species migrate based on this sort of thing and it's interesting to know that there are even more species that do this than I was aware of. I wonder if this applies to the coots and grebes as well....
  13. First bird looks like a pied-billed grebe... Second looks like a ruddy duck... though it's odd to see the tail down in the water rather than sticking up.
  14. millipede

    millipede's favorites...

    This one isn't spectacular but, in person it was enjoyable. Was standing at the edge of a local lake watching birds, listening to a red-bellied woodpecker at a tree right next to me. Didn't try to find him right away til I stepped forward and heard even more of a racket from him. Turned to see him sticking his head out... a few little wood chips here and there. I guess he's getting a nest ready for a girl? maybe?
  15. I ignored this one earlier, didn't play it as I thought it was solved. Now that there's another option on the table I listened to it. Definitely not a cardinal, though if the volume wasn't high enough(and this one IS quiet) I can kind of see how someone could hear something similar to a cardinal(which have been singing quite a bit around here lately...) But carolina wren has my vote.