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  1. I had no idea canaries could look like that... I'm still learning US birds and canaries... we'll I'm used to watching yellow birds on tv. HA And it's interesting that a canary is a seedeater... So just for fun, I contacted a local birder about this bird. He's a local college student. A couple years ago I noticed an older guy that leads the local Audubon field trips(when they were having them) would check with this guy to confirm things, count things, hear things... when one of the local "experts" turns to someone, you know that someone knows their stuff. I wasn't wrong to ask. Apparently he's seen one of the other yellow-rumped seedeaters in Kenya before... He believe this one to be the black-throated. eBird and others call it a black-throated canary... either way, interesting. I'm glad I dug into this... Now the finder wont continue considering it to be a native bird and, perhaps, they might look for the owner as well. Hopefully they'll at least bring it in from their yard. They just got back to me and said it was funny... that "Mass Audi in said pine Siskin!" If they mean Mass Audubon, I sure hope that they didn't look at all the pictures and they only looked at them on their phone or something. Personally, the bird had me thinking siskin from certain angles but among other things... that rump... even the bill... ha... Anyway...
  2. ok... I'll report with the / It will get flagged either way and the reviewer can look at it. If I had tons more free time I would have just gone back to get more photos and maybe pull the scope out.
  3. To be fair... they're not birders... and I've seen birders get pretty insistent on things that were wrong. As have I at one point I'm sure. Now if a pine siskin, yrwa, and hofi came together they might have a kid like this? HA.
  4. ack... they're arguing with me saying it's a yellow-rumped warbler... showing me field guide type pics saying it looks EXACTLY like it. hmmm
  5. I hope someone has some more thoughts... at least I don't feel bad now, thinking that I couldn't ID a simple bird from MA... I'm not 100% sure I understand that...
  6. it's giving me a mockingbird feel but that lighting... I'm not good with poorly lit birds and silhouettes and such.
  7. Someone in Massachusetts had a bird land on them... followed them onto a school bus... wouldn't leave them alone. Ended up taking a drive with them in their car from one town to another... and it just stays in their neighborhood... Sparrow like color, finch like bill... yellow rump. closest thing to me seems like pine siskin but, doesn't seem right for it... this is one of those birds that I'm just like ugh... will this be a big DUH moment when someone says something? ha
  8. Yeah, I was pretty sure about that one... but the first few pictures are a different bird that don't show as much detail. That's the one I'm really wanting feedback on. one neotropic cormorant is rare(ish) enough around here... two would be pretty interesting.
  9. There were two cormorants at the lake today... (NW Arkansas) To different birds but I think they're both neotropic. I should have used the scope and, I should have just ignored the people hanging out at a better spot and just gotten closer for better photos... Oh well... This one, the pics are not good... and they look about the same as each other. You can compare its size to the turtles on the log... This one is up closer
  10. Is the eye ring obvious enough here that this is a swainson's? I just want to rule out gray-cheeked, even though that would be a great bird for that day... (global big day) Wish the photo quality was better...
  11. could be but not what I'd expect. The shape of the head/neck/bill seems off to me(neck "seems" long), I'd expect a thicker white band on the speculum, and the bill is too uniformly orange. A female mallard's bill has more of a saddle and darker tones to it than this bird has. That's what I'm seeing anyway. I'm no expert on them.
  12. I'm looking at a guide and can't make this anything but a clay-colored at this point but would like confirmation... 🙂 I am glad I trusted my instincts and followed this bird for pictures. We had it out in the open on some brush and neither of us could figure it to what we'd expect there... I had the camera with me and just had to go follow it.
  13. This one probably doesn't help any more than the others...
  14. Guess I'll add some more pictures of the sparrow... Clay-colored would be a lifer... they're not super common around here... but do happen. I can say that even in the field, the bill seemed big and orangish. I just wasn't sure what I was looking at.
  15. yeah, I should have been more clear on that... NW Arkansas. And thanks.
  16. I think this is a domestic x mallard. I'm not an expert on waterfowl genetics but it has some mallard traits yet the bill and neck are definitely off... Maybe part runner duck. So I can't say specifically but if it were reported somewhere like eBird it would likely be reported as domestic mallard. Wait for a second opinion but that's what I'm seeing.
  17. Since our local audubon chapter wont have ANY field trips any time soon, I decided to try and host my own. Being the popular guy I am, one person showed up. I invited birders and non-birders. Thankfully the one person was a birder. I had near 70 species in about 5 hours I spent there. A bit long but I enjoyed it. Anyway... 1. This is probably the same cormorant I posted a few days back. In one image you can see the long body... the other image, I can only assume it was the same cormorant as it was flushed and moved to where we saw this one and never saw more than one... I zoomed in on the image to see what looks like good facial indicators of neotropic. But I like confirming when my images aren't great. 2. Raptor silhouettes. MAYBE some day I'll learn to use my camera better. Cloudy, looking way up... it just didn't pick up any detail. If only they got in front of a patch of blue sky I would have gotten something better. I am certain that I had a swainson's in there... And the last group of picks, the bird gave me a good mississippi kite vibe. There were several birds that flew over that we just didn't get good enough looks at... and the guy that was with me, had a better lens but left his memory card at home. 😞 (this is crops of the same image, nothing resized, so you can see size and shape difference compared to the vulture...Bird on left was probably a little higher but not a lot) These next few are more of at least one of the same birds, all taken at 8:08 AM so pretty sure it was one of those two. This one was a different flyover... lower but the exposure is still horrible. Wish I could correct it as it would be easier to pick up detail on this one. Same bird I believe, This next group, I THINK is the bird that had given me the kite vibe... I really, really hate that none of these came out... 5 pics in one, all at same zoom level. These next ones are 4 minutes later... don't remember if it's the same bird or not... Or maybe this is the one I thought was a kite, if it's not the same bird. 3. Sparrow 4. Bonus... I saw a mourning warbler and snapped a pic... in the binocs, perfect looks and field marks, no doubt I had a mourning there... but, I thought I got a picture as it was hopping away and this is all I found... I assume it's the bird I was shooting at but is there anything in this picture that would back that? Basically, if it's not apparent I wont upload the photo for my eBird checklist... but will still report the bird.
  18. I took a photo of the picture on my screen for Merlin and that was their first suggestion. I can see that as far as color goes but I'm just not sure what I'm seeing as far as shapes and patterns go... crossbill makes a lot more sense than oriole or thrasher... ha
  19. and a mystery bird from Birding in Massachusetts FB group This cormorant was seen the other day here in NW Arkansas... seemed a little small and the bill sure seemed plain to me. Since it was all alone it was difficult to compare size. It didn't make me feel like it was neotropic but, still seemed small and plain to me. Just a DCCO? or? I love the guesses people give for some birds... someone asked about an orchard oriole or a brown thrasher. This is clearly neither... but I think they're focused more on the color... which I can't tell if it's the actual color or not... but this bird has me scratching my head a bit. (not my photo, taken in MA)
  20. I've tried looking and can't tell how to see metadata on the pics on facebook. I did end up removing a photo and a video that someone took holding their camera INSIDE a buebird nest box while the eggs were hatching. I made the mistake 🙄 of mentioning to the group that I'm going to be editing the rules to be more clear on the issue and I already had one person complain... they complained about the "bird police" and then said that if people have to post how far away they are then so should the photographers that are a safe distance away but camp out in one spot for hours. So, being a safe distance away for hours is comparable to being right up in a bird's nest? The person then said that no amount of rules updates would make "those" people happy so, they were leaving the group. Humans are weird. I also need to find people that FULLY understand the rules and will be willing to work with me and will take the time to hear what I have to say... that will help me moderate, or at least approve new requests. The group is at about 9.5k members now. Would be a lot easier to manage if you could just trust everyone on facebook. ha.
  21. I'm once again kind of torn on a situation in a bird group I manage. I'm leaning towards a rule stating that ANY bird nests photos have to be from a good distance away unless someone can prove they're doing a nesting survey(official) or some kind. I currently have a rule that "discourages" bird nest photos... and of course, I have people with different feelings on it. Some people lately are taking REALLY up close photos, over and over and over again... and other people that want all bird nest photos banned. Who doesn't enjoy seeing baby birds? Yet, how often can you get photos of nests with young and not stress the birds out at all? hmmm
  22. Already looking like Napatree point is going to be your best place for brant and piping plover... seaside sparrow isn't looking good to me. There's almost nothing this year so far, I think it's a little early for them? Don't know but I wouldn't expect one. louisiana waterthrush - Arcadia management area(ben butter trail or roaring brook)(rhode island) worm-eating warbler - It's looking early, I wouldn't bother looking right now. yellow-crowned night heron - nothing recent that far up the coast but, not impossible. Barn island looks good for them but wouldn't bet on it. white-eyed vireo - I think we're a touch early for them, wouldn't go out of my way to look. yellow-throated vireo - not seeing anything recent. prothonotary warbler - nothing recent, would not expect to find them now. hooded warbler - A little early maybe, or just not common. Nothing recent. cliff swallow - nothing recent tricolored heron - Seen around this time in 2015 and 2017 but nothing recent iceland gull - not looking very likely american coot - I'm not seeing much recent in those areas except for one almost a week ago at "Trustom Pond National Wildlife Refuge, Wakefield US-RI" clapper rail - nothing recent in the counties mentioned but just west there was one recently seen at "Clinton - Indian River CemeteryMiddlesex, US-CT" summer tanager - nothing recent, not likely. northern bobwhite - not really seeing a good place to look for them. chuck-wills widow - not likely common gallinule - nothing recent cattle egret - nothing recent but not impossible orchard oriole - nothing recent Man... seems like brant might be easy compared to most everything else you're thinking of... piping plover should be possible too. Wish I had had better results for you... This rare bird alert shows there's been a red-headed woodpecker in new london county recently... I don't know if that's something you need or if it's still there. https://ebird.org/alert/summary?sid=SN36365 Here's the rare bird alert for washington county in RI... don't know there's anything exciting on that list... https://ebird.org/alert/summary?sid=SN35662
  23. No... I grew up in Massachusetts but have been residing in Arkansas for the last 20 years or so... and didn't get into birding til about 7 years ago. I'll leave this page open and look at it again tomorrow, I hope... Ugh... it's 11:36... but you're starting tomorrow so... I'll go look now anyway. I love digging through eBird data for this sort of thing. I'll go take a look at your list and see which hotspots might be best, etc... will post back in a while, I hope.
  24. etc? I don't think those two things solidify it but, I did go look at some comparisons to educate myself further... The pictures are rather poor and you can't make everything out clearly. For people like myself that have not perfected their ID skills on some species and families, it was a little tough to rule out bank swallow for me with those pictures. But I saw that bank swallows would have had a forked tail compared to this... I feel more confident now. Please keep in mind, I question for me, not to question any of you but for me to learn. There's a lot of people online that sometimes want to judge people that don't know as much as they but then don't have the patience to help them learn. Not saying that applies here but, I ask a LOT of questions if I have them... and some people seem to get annoyed. I can't take a look at a picture like these ones, be told it's NRWS, and then be able to ID them with ease the rest of my life... I NEED those ID marks to help me later on. I hope people can appreciate that. 🙂
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