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  1. I'm a bit mad now... on the ABA rare bird alert page, ONE person got back to me and said "they"(whomever they were) were not posting to eBird out of respect for the homeowner... But... There are several other ways to see the bird according to eBird reports. This is frustrating. I asked something else and they never got back to me. Why all the secrecy? So I'm looking today and, eBird reports from late yesterday. I would have seen it if I went Thursday. The "resort" I talked to... this young guy's eBird report is from there and said they let people walk out on their pier to get closer views. He got REALLY good pictures. I was okay with nobody reporting it Thursday... maybe it was gone and I wouldn't have to worry about whether I should have made that almost 4 hour drive. Now I'm back to wondering if I should head up there right now. Ugh... (looks like when they were leaving, someone offered to take them out on a boat and that's how he got the closer photos...)
  2. Ditto... @Hasan is the grayish body I'm seeing not gray enough, not reliable enough a ID trait, or perhaps the bird is not in fully breeding plumage yet? I don't see a ton of terns so I don't study them enough... somehow had no idea these two could be so difficult to tell apart til I saw this thread. If I get the chance in the field, I like to listen and use some playback to compare... that doesn't always happen though so, every little bit helps.
  3. Yeah, if that lady had seen it or if there were eBird reports... or if someone got back to me on the ABA Rare Bird Alert FB page saying it was there... I would have gone. That's a LONG drive to just turn around and go back... especially with 4 kids. Getting a hotel, going swimming etc would have made it more enjoyable for them. But I think it was a conspiracy... nobody said a word, not even a "nope" on the FB page... and the entire county only ended up with TWO eBird checklists yesterday and no mention of the booby. Seems it may have moved on... hopefully headed down to AR. So I stayed local and had a decent time birding. Got a Bell's vireo and two palm warblers that I don't see EVERY year... Baby geese and baby wood ducks... Had the male goose chase me aggressively as I walked down the boardwalk. I tried to tell him I was moving on but he didn't stop til I turned around and kind of stomped my foot letting him know I wasn't scared... although I might have been a tiny bit nervous for a second... Very narrow boardwalk... didn't want to fall in... ha.
  4. Guess I will watch for eBird reports as well as watching that FB group... Just talked to the lady and she couldn't find it... normally could see it from there. It's sprinkling and they're going to get a storm at some point so she wasn't sure if that had anything to do with it. Might be good to NOT drive that far........... I will regret it if I don't and it does show up but I'll also regret it if I go that far and don't find it. So, we'll wait and see.
  5. ABA Rare Bird Alert on Facebook has a brown booby in Missouri... 3h 45m away. Is that something I can pass up? On eBird there are reports from as last as 6:30 last night. No reports(for any birds) are showing up for this morning yet. This is near Bear Bottoms Resort at Lake of the Ozarks, north of Springfield a ways. I called that resort and the lady said they only had one room and, it's a bit small for me and 4 kids... but, she mentioned a resort across the highway which I may call soon. I told her it was a long drive and I was checking to see if it's been seen. She said she'd go check... I'm to call her back in 30 minutes(which is now about 12 minutes) so, here's hoping. If it's still there, I will call the other place. The other place, it looks like they want you to rent more than one night. At least, that's what the website looks like. I'll ask. And there's a motel down the road as well as other lodging in the area... So, we'll see... I don't want to drive almost 4 hours... my kids definitely don't want to... and, it will cost a bit of money for lodging and gas, etc... but... Can I pass up a brown booby? One might show up in Arkansas again some day and maybe I'll chase that but, you never know when or where... and, I've skipped chasing a lot of birds over the years, some of which I regret... some, I didn't know what I was skipping out on at the time... like the brambling that was in Arkansas once... was at a private residence a pretty good drive from here. The homeowners welcomed people to come not knowing what that was going to mean... and a day later, it was gone. At the time, I didn't realize how big a deal that was and regret not going there. I wish the booby was in Arkansas to add to my AR life list... I'm rambling... I hope it's still there. I don't like spur of the moment trips... or spending money... but........ this could be fun.
  6. what feature here specifically makes it a warbling vireo? There are a few vireos that are tricky for me unless I have just the right angles... or they're singing... and then the tennessee warbler can look similar. What do I need to be looking at here? Maybe it will help me later on. 🙂
  7. I'm very curious to see a more experienced person's comments. I didn't realize these were so difficult to distinguish... I'm looking at Sibley's and All About Birds trying to compare them. Some of this is tricky... But a lot of those birds have grayer bodies which, for breeding birds, would put you with common, according to Sibley's. Don't know if that helps, or if I'm right about that... but that's what I'm seeing. I hope I get to see a few terns migrate though this year.
  8. Want to double check one bird and get an idea on another... So, this has to be a solitary sandpiper... that's what I called it in the field and I can't really see it being something else... but... the bill... not sure about the color and, it seems thin. Even thinner in another photo... and then this... tennessee warbler? or a vireo? It was straight up so I didn't get very good views. I feel like I saw some sort of eye-line(something) that would suggest one of the above possibilities... This pic does seem to show a different, pretty obvious, between the face/cheeks and throat.
  9. 😛 Why do I just think people will know I'm in Arkansas and... eh, I forget. NW Arkansas, today...
  10. Based on location, it is what's expected. There were two in a field. One was pretty easily a white-faced. It was larger, if I"m reading Sibley's right, that would make it male. The other... in the field, I could not tell at all. The larger one, the white border was VERY clear in the field. At home, looking at pictures... I just want to double check. Sibley's suggests that right now a glossy would have a more brownish bill. The bills on these two birds looked mostly the same... grayish. Leg color was difficult to judge... they were a ways out and, I'm not a photographer 😞 I'm leaning towards the smaller one also being white-faced but want to confirm or get second opinions... zoomed/cropped They were fun to watch... wish I had more time In the field, I reported to eBird 1 white-faced and 1 glossy/white-faced. I will change it if anyone is pretty certain about that second bird. 🙂
  11. I was just searching "Arkansas" to see what came up. I wish I saw this back then but I don't get on here very often... I might have had suggestions on where to look, depending on what area of Arkansas you were headed. I know a guy that helped with the restoration of the red-cockaded woodpeckers here in Arkansas. He tells me the best time is in June or July(I'd have to double check) when they're more active feeding their young. I've gone to see them a couple times and one of those times, we were in the right place... you could see their cavities all over... but we didn't find them. anyway... if you're ever visiting Arkansas again and want any suggestions just let me know.
  12. it was YOU wasn't it????? I over-analyze things. I'm even thinking about your thoughts... why would a current member be afraid of that? Or, why wouldn't they post an ID question in a different, more appropriate section as a joke? Or??? I think too much. I can admit it. I don't know if I can change that but, I can admit it. 🙂
  13. When I was looking at the species(plural of species, ha) online, I was thinking the scott's had a longer appearance than this bird. But man, those baltimores... I've seen some in person that have had me scratch my head for their colors... A female, going by "typical" Id pics would have less black on the head and the male should be more orange... variation can drive me nuts. Bummer that it isn't a scott's... on the upside, I don't need to hound someone to let me in their yard and get dressed and go anywhere. HA...
  14. I was kind of thinking about an oddly colored baltimore or a hybrid. I'd love some confirmation that it's a scott's... that lady is in my Birding Arkansas facebook group so I might message and ask to go look. If it's still around. Google says 21 minutes, depending on traffic...
  15. Someone joined(or created a second account) just for this? I agree that it shouldn't have been left in the ID forum... What's the motive here? A fun introduction? or, someone being obnoxious? Or??? and, I can only give them credit if it's their own work. I suspect this was randomly pulled off the internet.
  16. This is not my sighting but it probably 30 minutes from here... reported as Scott's oriole. I'm looking at it and the color looks good... But, I'm not very good with birds I don't see often enough and I've never seen one of those. Looking on eBird, I'm thinking the black should be coming down the breast a ways and it isn't with this bird. Thoughts??? https://ebird.org/checklist/S107774915
  17. I was just looking at the online warbler guide and the white mark we see on the wing here just doesn't make sense to me. Is it an out of place feather? Or maybe a bigger white marks that's pinched to look smaller? Or? I'm going to send a link to those pictures to a local guy that's really good and see if he has any thoughts on the bird. And then, I'll give up. ha...
  18. I narrowed down the warbler to.... red-throated loon, yellow-billed loon, or greater scaup. Thanks Merlin. HA I snapped a shot of one of the above pics and that's what it gave me.
  19. anyone else think pectoral sandpipers? I can see that as a possibility as well as that's something that's been reported nearby lately. IF so... just based on the pictures, any numbers? (ugh, just saw an oriole, I need to hurry this up and go make a checklist) So... with the warbler. The lighting was bad, sun getting low but normally, I'd pick out a kinglet pretty easily. This seemed to plain at one point I was starting to wonder about warbling vireo but eventually I decided it looked more warbler-ish, especially the bill. So, I just went through the pictures just to give this one more try. No ID is okay... I adjusted my checklist to say warbler sp. for now. I'm okay with that. 🙂 But, I had more pictures... all lousy... but maybe putting them together? I believe this is all the same bird. This first pic, you don't see as much color underneath, looks more white... another trick of the sun or did I somehow get more than one bird? pretty sure I was just chasing one. The next two, I grouped photos and I adjusted the lighting a little. Now, to go outside and bird...
  20. The sun was going down, not much light... was looking for shorebirds in some wet fields and stopped near a stand of pine trees... heard some calls and had a few birds just about fly to me. Not sure why. I had the sun roof open and I was sticking out of it(I drive like that on some back roads, sometimes) and a chickadee came down and acted like he or she wanted to come closer and closer. So, I talked to it... Then some other birds started calling. I'm guessing the chickadee's behavior stirred their curiosity? A couple yellow-throated warblers came out of hiding and then a couple of what I believe are pine warblers... very plain looking on one... wingbars and some yellow on the throat of one. a different moment, possibly different group of birds I can do a zoomed in version of this one if you want but I don't know that many, if any of the shorebirds are going to be easily identified anyway... This photo, I believe, shows a few different species... the group at the far right sure looks different than the others. I know there were a few greater and lesser yellowlegs way out in a field at one point and a solitary sandpiper by itself in a field but everything was so far out... cow pastures... couldn't really get out there. and then this warbler... it was so plain I thought it might be the orange crowned warbler I haven't been seeing this season yet... lighting wasn't good and then when it was in a good spot for lighting, branches in the way... I can say a couple things... 1. In the first pic, the difference between belly and undertail seems pretty drastic due to a shadow from a branch, I believe... but in the other pic, you see the same color difference suggesting the undertail is brighter/whiter than the belly. I don't know if that helps or not. Also, I did use playback to see if it would respond to the orange-crowned and, it did. Flew to a tree above me where I couldn't get a good look... prior to that, it flew away from me every time I moved. It then flew completely away so I never got a better look.
  21. I guess I need to go really look at all the photos, zoom in and out etc.. Our eBird reviewer didn't like that I used size to come up with a greater scaup. He didn't know of anyone using that for ID purposes. There was at least one there that as quite noticeably bigger than the bird next to it so, I assumed... Head shape seems possible for a few... He said that there are other people there chasing the cinnamon teal and neotropic cormorant and only one other person came up with a greater scaup and that was based on head shape alone which isn't always reliable. When I zoom in to these photos I feel like there is one or two with larger nails at the end of their bills but I can't be 100% sure that's not an angle/lighting issue. I'll keep studying them. On the one hand, I'm glad the reviewer is on his toes... on the other hand, greater scaups are flagged almost all the time, if not all the time, and yet we have some definite ones in this area EVERY year. Side note/joke... I think it's mean of the birds to have other species that are SO similar. My oldest daughter(who I think has given up on birding 😞 ) was never convinced that glossy and white-faced ibises were different species. ha
  22. uh, yeah... this is not how to respond... 😛 There are rules for how to bird? Can I buy your handbook of directions? 😕 The comment about the scope doesn't even make sense. I should learn how to use the one I have properly? So, I"m using my current scope incorrectly? And you learned that about me from which comment? Like wow... You know nothing. Not that it matters... I have a $60 scope. It is only good at 20x. If you go up there's almost no field of view. I'm not using it improperly. I really could use a nicer one... even a lot of cheap ones would be better than what I have now. Side note... I ask a lot of questions and use a lot of words. People end up assuming a lot. Not that it matters because I wasn't offended at anyone else mentioning it but, I didn't need help IDing the shovelors... or most of the scaups. Was mostly checking to see if anyone saw anything I was missing... Sorry for the frustration that is likely coming across in this response. It just really rubs me the wrong way when people talk down to others online.
  23. I wish I could go back and search better... or that pictures came out better. I thought I saw some ruddy ducks at one point but was never sure. Now I see that other people have been reporting ruddy ducks... and the loon and pintail were seen at various times by people, even after I was there, but I never found them. Oh well.....
  24. 4/11/2022 Lake Fayetteville... Fayetteville, Arkansas So, I chased a loon for no reason, but I knew that before I left the house. The cinnamon teal I found made up for it for sure. Want to check some ID's... mostly the scaup situation. Some of the birds look a little more like RNDU but, the backs are not dark enough. I don't know that I have a pic but I know in one group of scaups there was one that was noticeably larger than the others RIGHT next to it... kind of makes it an easy greater scaup ID... These were at quite a distance and I'm wondering if you can judge them from these lousy photos or pick up anything else in their midst. Couple other ID questions first... 1. I don't think I have a pic but, I kept seeing one pied-billed grebe that looked a lot bigger than the ones near it. One time I thought I was looking at a gadwall til I saw the bill... was weird... there were well over 100 pgbr there and this one just kept standing out. 2. This HAS to be a canvasback... my question... is this darker area around the neck normal? I don't see these in the field often enough to study them well... like maybe once or twice a year I find one... some years not at all. and now the scaups and such... These first 4 are actually all cropped out of the same photo The rest are just other shots of the same group of birds I guess... slightly different poses... kind of far out and poor light. 😞 I don't see any facial markings at all on one of these birds. Wish the lighting was better. Also wish I had a better scope and a carrying case. I have one that's only useful at 20x, which is still better than binoculars, but I left it in the van. I might want to invest in a slightly nicer one... some day... and have a case for carrying it. Had my camera backpack on because it was raining when I got there and kept the camera in there... and used an umbrella. After looking at the pics and zooming in here and there(there are other pics but mostly the same) I think I may have had a couple greater scaups in there... For now, my eBird checklist shows 1 greater, 1 lesser, and a bunch of greater/lesser... I will need to edit numbers after counting in the pictures some. 🙂
  25. Oh, it seems I still had the tab open from this morning with the loon pics... even though that list has been edited, the older version was still open for me. I'll close that in a minute but will add the pictures in question here... just for fun.
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