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  1. Interesting. I put my hand over the body to just see the head and I want to see canada/cackling goose. Is it possible for one to get THAT dirty? or is that the bird's actual color? I just can't tell.
  2. That's what I get for glossing things over. HA. I do hope someone has an answer. I like mysteries but only ones that get solved. HA. I listened to the plumbous calls on allaboutbirds and I can't say that's what it sounds like to me. I'm not too bad with bird sounds of birds I'm more familiar with and hear more often. If I'm not exposed to it enough, I forget EVERYTHING. 😞
  3. I listened and am not sure. And don't feel bad about adding a sound. I think it's good to be that guy and challenge people. 🙂 Some might ask WHERE this was, and when. Sometimes that helps narrow things down.
  4. size is very difficult to judge depending on distance and even angle. It's fascinating, to me anyway, how a particular species can look really BIG or really small depending on the angle from which I'm looking at it. But, I'm going to throw out another suggestion. A flock of kinglets isn't impossible but it's not exactly common. And they're not exactly gray, nor are their wing-bars exactly white. I'm going to suggest looking at yellow-rumped warblers. They can have more or less yellow on them and the yellow rump is often hidden. They're active and grayish overall and have wing-bars. Making an ID from a description can be tricky but based on behavior, overall color, and all, that's what I'd guess. 🙂
  5. Yay, another NW Arkansas. The bulky size and not too long a tail help rule out the accipiters(cooper's and sharp shinned) The red on the front and that kind of pretty pattern on the wings has me saying this is a red-shouldered hawk. They can be pretty making them one of my favorite local birds of prey.
  6. I used to know a guy online that could look at a bird like this and tell you what it was. The color is definitely "blue" but it's not swedish. I tried looking up hybrids as a domestic x wild hybrid happen. There is something about it that looks kind of goldeneye-ish... Could be a hybrid, though I don't know we'd get to the bottom of it... but it may just be a blue call duck. Look that one up, it's about as close as you'll find I think. Either someone's pet or the offspring of someone's pet and a wild bird. Cute little bird either way.
  7. I'm searching the internet some to see if I can find anything useful but, watching this post to see what someone might say. Fascinating bird to say the very least. Thanks for sharing.
  8. looks like a yellow-rumped warbler(audubon's) to me.
  9. Looks to me like it could be the same birds. I'm seeing a significantly shorter/smaller bill. And I would call it a cackling goose personally. I hope someone will confirm but that's where I stand. 🙂 Good job getting out and getting better photos.
  10. That would be my guess as well. I had a swedish drake at one point years ago. Feels weird seeing "domestic mallard." With farm animals we get into "breeds" rather than species. Kind of like dogs. Not trying to be picky, at all, by the way. This would be like calling a golden retriever a domestic wolf, in a way. Technically true, but still feels weird. HA Except for muscovies, ALL ducks are "mallard derived", related to mallards and can interbreed. You can get domestic mallards that actually look like mallards but the different breeds vary SO greatly, it just feels weird seeing the name mallard next to them... indian runners, pekins, etc... I'm rambling, sorry. unfortunately(depending on how you look at it) you'll find a LOT of domestics out on local ponds and they will have you doing a double take sometimes. As you learn the local species, domestics will start to really stand out as simply being domestic... til you start seeing crosses that look a lot like something else.
  11. I love it when other people's questions help me learn a little. I had to look this up because I was curious with how the conversation was going. The 2nd Edition of Sibley's guide shows the pacific as being darker, and this bird is darker, and apparently pacific is all you'd have, typically. I didn't know they were a split either. I am curious if anyone knows anything about habitat and behavior, if there are any differences between the two. I have only ever found winter wrens here in Arkansas while near(really near) water. Are the pacific wrens similar?
  12. The color can vary a little but the lighting is not great to see the color in the pictures. In fact, my first glance at the back in the first picture I was thinking it was a junco. Then I saw the other poses where you could clearly see the breast color. Welcome... I had to reply just to say I was at the botanical gardens just last month. Another NW Arkansas birder here. 🙂
  13. I'd love to see some other opinions on this because I'm not sure I agree. The bird looks significantly smaller to me, and the bill is most definitely shorter than the other birds in the picture. I'd call it a cackling, but I'm not an expert on these things. 🙂
  14. Move this if it needs to be moved I guess. I haven't been on here much but, I'm kind of disappointed that the categories haven't been expanded upon at least a little. There was more to do and keep people busy with all the old sections, even though they weren't all bird related. But, there are more bird related ones that could be put in. Like, I don't know if this is the best spot of my general questions. I'm wondering what people's opinions are on the free apps like Merlin and the Audubon guide. I used to use Merlin a couple years ago, then I found the Audubon guide and at that time, it was way better. Merlin didn't have the features it does now. I'm wondering how they compare when it comes to the number of species they might have as well as the photos and sound files for each. Some birds, even in the audubon app, don't have sound files. Seems odd. the phone I have has 8gb internal storage... 4gb of that is just the phone's software itself leaving just 4 for other apps. The audubon app is over 1gb. I don't have a lot on my phone but that 4gb disappears quickly. Some days I think about getting a new phone but, I rarely use it and I'm poor so it's not really worth spending a lot of money on such a device. My old junky phone had the option to move most apps to a micro sd card. The newer phones don't let you do that... which stinks. Oh, so that's another question... how do the two apps compare as far as size goes? I'm wondering if the merlin app would use up less than 1gb. I had another question but I forgot it. 😞 I hope this one is okay here since this section is on book, courses, products, etc... where else would it go? Don't mind the complaining about the site. I REALLY loved it the way it was and I just don't handle change well. Will take me a long time to get used to this. 😞
  15. I completely understand that. There needs to be some clear rules listed at the top, of course... I don't know why it's difficult for people today to be kind to one another no matter how different our beliefs and opinions are. It saddens me... 😞 I wonder if there would be a way to give people warnings and if they violate x amount of times, could they simply be blocked from that one section? It shouldn't be difficult to have general conversation without stirring things up. "shouldn't be", I say, but sure seems to be.
  16. I'm still in shock that the site went down so hard that it could not be recovered. Backups should have been maintained... I've been busy and just haven't gotten back to making a new account... I miss a lot of the old categories. I miss the ID categories for other critters but, not being birds, they aren't a "need." I can say that, as long as there are guidelines for how people treat each other, I think most forums "need" a general/off topic section. I know they weren't used all the time and people got carried away creating new ones but, the little contests and quizzes people had were fun. I think if there are enough active moderators they could limit the number of people allowed to create new quizzes so we're not overrun by them? And a real NEED is a section for site news and help. If you look at all the topics that are pinned at the top of this "help me identify......" section, most of those pinned posts don't belong in this section but should be in a section dedicated to site news and/or help. I don't know who's monitoring the responses here but, another suggestion might be to find a way to make a nice big poll(even surveymonkey or something) and list ALL of the old sections we had before and get yays and nays or, on a scale from 1 to 10, how important is _____ section... Those are my thoughts at the moment anyway. :)
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