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  1. Seen in the waters of Lake Erie in Northern Ohio on 4/18. Can this scaup be narrowed down to Greater or Lesser? Also, are both of these Horned Grebes?
  2. Need help with this wren, seen in a marshy area of Magee Marsh, Ohio. Two days ago. Marsh or Sedge?
  3. I actually saw the bird there this week. It is a shoveler. It's a bad angle there. Here's my pic.
  4. Just wanted to correct the location. This was actually taken at the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park in Red Rock Canyon. I was at both locations that day and got confused. I'm assuming it doesn't change the ID but just wanted the info to be correct. Also, there has not been a Pipit seen here since April 2018, while there has been Sagebrush Sparrows seen this month.
  5. Interesting. It doesn't look like the Pipits I've seen in the northeast. Can I get a second?
  6. Terrible pic but can this be confirmed as a Sage Sparrow? Taken today near Charleston Mt, Las Vegas.
  7. Oops, just found another. Is this a Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher?
  8. Oh, thanks! Any thoughts on the one I just posted?
  9. I'm actually thinking Blue-gray Gnatcatcher now, instead of Black-tailed for the above pic. But what about this one?
  10. I've seen the quail but still looking for the rest!
  11. I'm on vacation here, so it's all new to me too! What differentiates the gilded flicker? Thanks!
  12. Actually, this one too. In Henderson, outside Las Vegas.
  13. Great-tailed Grackle, Abert's Towhee, Black-tailed Gnatcatcher, Northern Flicker, Northern Shoveler
  14. Help with identifying this lizard at Valley of Fire, Nevada?
  15. Seen today at Henderson Bird Refuge near Las Vegas.
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