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  1. Tri-colored Heron with some sort of dragonfly. 5/27 at Cypress Wetlands, Port Royal SC
  2. Thanks! Bummer, was hoping for something different. 99% of the warblers that visit my yard are Pine Warblers, lol. I didn't see a clear eye ring so was hoping for something else. I never got a good look at the wings to look for the wing bars.
  3. Hunting Island SC about an hour ago. Can I not figure it out because it's wet? Thanks in advance!
  4. Awesome! St. Phillip's is amazing. I've lived and worked on Hunting Island for 18 years and have been to St. Phillip's at least a dozen times. I like to think of it as HI with nothing on it but nature 🙂 I hope you get to visit the park many more times.
  5. I can't tell the age of the bald eagle for sure. But it's not one that just hatched and fledged this year. The uneven feathers on the trailing edge of the wings indicates a molt is in progress. This year's young would have a nice fresh set of wing feathers and a smooth edge. My guess is one, going on two years old. A good view of the eye coloring would be helpful, the beak is largely dull yellow but still black on the tip. Beak and eyes can help when they get into their third year.
  6. Nice assortment of shorebirds on Hunting Island's north end today. From left to right, I believe I have: Red Knot, Ruddy Turnstone, Willet, Sanderling in flight?, another Ruddy Turnstone (back to camera) and I am not sure what the bird on the far right is. Anyone that can help? Thanks as always! Carl
  7. Sorry, location was Hunting Island, SC. Tonite.
  8. I hear them every night all summer but I've never seen one. I believe this is a chuck-will's-widow (as opposed to a Whip-poor-will). I've never even heard a Whipper on Hunting Island in the 18 years I've lived here. When I saw it, it was silent of course, but I could hear a couple other chucks not far away. Sorry for the poor pic. Only headlights for light, and a 200-800mm lens on the camera LOL. This is the only shot I got, and I tried to salvage it with Topaz. Thanks in advance!
  9. Saw it as soon as I posted lol. Could not see an "edit" option. Is there one? Haha I can't ID what I can't spell 😄
  10. Thanks. I've been asking the same question for 6-7 years and I still can't get it right. I'm beginning to think I have some color blindness. Between red and brown. Am I at least right that it's young? I was looking for some orange on the breast but all I see is white.
  11. Can't se the breast or the tail clearly. I was thinking young Red-tailed Hawk? Hunting Island SC yesterday.
  12. Saw this bird hanging out on a mud flat with 2 tri-colored herons today. Hunting Island, SC. All I can come up with is a female merganser? Maybe Red-Breasted non-breeding?
  13. Guessing a young bird, but not sure what it is. My first thought on seeing it was a young house finch but the beak color is wrong and the dark feathers on the breast confuse me. Seen today in Beaufort, SC
  14. Thank you! Might be the first time I have seen both types in one day 🙂
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