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  1. Wow, had no idea. I live on the island and this would be a "lifer" for me 😄 I must not have been looking in the right places
  2. Would a Black Tern be expected at Hunting Island (Beaufort County), SC?
  3. The routine gulls in coastal SC are ring-billed and laughing. I saw these 2 birds today and they confuse me. Is a time of year or molt phase thing? The first 2 pics, the bird was much larger than one of our routine gulls. Is it a greater black-backed? And the other two pics, looks like molting going on but the mostly black feathers just seemed weird. Any help would be much appreciated! Sorry for the lousy focus, they were a good distance from me
  4. It looks an awful lot like the one I posted today that was ID'd as a red-shouldered.
  5. Seen this past weekend in Franklin Virginia. Is this just a red-tailed? The only observation that stuck out to me that it seemed "small", but that might be due to distance.
  6. Like others, I tend to not crop unless I am trying for better composition or to hide "ugly" around the edge(s) of the shot. I also do what pictaker mentioned earlier, on flying birds I might crop to give a sort of illusion of movement from one side of the photo towards the other. If a bird happens to be looking towards one side of the shot, I might "move" the bird away from where it is looking. As for closeups, I find it best to not crop because the quality/resolution of the end product tends to suffer. This swallow shot is just "zoom" to get the closeup, but it helps that the swallow landed about 10 feet from me and posed for a few seconds 😄 On the bald eagle shot, I did use cropping to get the shot I wanted. The whole point was getting the talons on an eagle about 75-100 feet away, so I cropped it to better see the talons instead of feathers and twigs 🙂
  7. Nice shots! I saw 4 chicks and an adult on Hunting Island, SC a couple weeks earlier 🙂 I'd never seen the young ones before and according to Audubon it was the first confirmed Wilson's nest on our island in "several years" which was cool too
  8. Roseate Skimmer? I saw this today on Hunting Island, all I can come up with is a roseate skimmer. But when I look it up, SC is not supposed to be in its range. Anyone know dragonflies? Thanks in advance 🙂
  9. Cool followup The area where these birds were found is the very north end of Hunting Island. Audubon, FWS and SCDNR have been monitoring both ends of the island for various migratory shorebird species for a few years. A couple years ago, we got signs to put out on the beach designating this area as a sensitive habitat. Since then, there is no longer any vehicle (golf cart) traffic allowed past the signs. Also, nobody can walk a dog past the signs, even if on a leash. We can take an ATV out there, especially if we see dogs or golf cart tracks past the signs. Today I just happened to have the chance to ride out there to check things out. My supervisor's husband works for Audubon and I sent him the photos. I found out that this is the first confirmed Wilson's Plover nest on the island in several years (I'll find out exactly how many years). The intent was to minimize human interference with the shorebirds, and today was confirmation that it worked. Now it looks like they will rope off the area to prohibit any pedestrian traffic as well. At least during certain periods, like nesting season and the time frames when oyster catchers, plovers and some terns frequent the area. Today was just "right place, right time" and I got to catch evidence of a Wilson's nest. This is why I never leave home without a camera, lol.
  10. Is this just a sanderling? Forgot - taken today on Hunting Island, SC Thanks!
  11. She saw this at Montezuma NWR in NY a couple of days ago. I can't find it in any of my books. Thanks in advance!
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