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  1. Saw it as soon as I posted lol. Could not see an "edit" option. Is there one? Haha I can't ID what I can't spell 😄
  2. Thanks. I've been asking the same question for 6-7 years and I still can't get it right. I'm beginning to think I have some color blindness. Between red and brown. Am I at least right that it's young? I was looking for some orange on the breast but all I see is white.
  3. Can't se the breast or the tail clearly. I was thinking young Red-tailed Hawk? Hunting Island SC yesterday.
  4. Saw this bird hanging out on a mud flat with 2 tri-colored herons today. Hunting Island, SC. All I can come up with is a female merganser? Maybe Red-Breasted non-breeding?
  5. Guessing a young bird, but not sure what it is. My first thought on seeing it was a young house finch but the beak color is wrong and the dark feathers on the breast confuse me. Seen today in Beaufort, SC
  6. Thank you! Might be the first time I have seen both types in one day 🙂
  7. 1st pic, is it a herring gull? 2nd pic, are the two herring gulls? What about the large gull in the background? Juvi Herring Gull or some other species altogether. As always, thank you in advance. These were taken today on Hunting Island, SC
  8. I will say that I am sure that I will rarely get as close to a Gannet (or any other bird) as I did today to experience how absolutely beautiful they are. I have, on occasion, been able to find an injured bird that could be saved (2 bald eagles as well as others) and take part in their rescue. But up close, this gannet was an extraordinary creature.
  9. Now I understand and I am glad it is not the one that you thought it was!
  10. I'm on Hunting Island, off the coast of Beaufort. So yes it looks like some have been seen.
  11. This one was on the Atlantic, on the coast of South Carolina rather than on the Pacific.
  12. I've worked here for 17 years. Never seen one. Nor has our naturalist or anyone else currently working here. Might be common offshore but not on our island or onshore. Thanks for the answer though.
  13. When I am not birding, my "day job" is as a SC State Park Ranger. Today while patrolling the beach, I came upon a large white and black bird washed up (deceased) at the high tide line. It was still wet, so it had been washed up by the last high tide overnight. Pristine condition, other than missing one eye. The only injury evident was a broken neck. Otherwise, suitable for mounting as an educational specimen at our Nature Center. USFWS was notified in case they want it for a necropsy. It was a Northern Gannet. A bird I'm not likely to ever see again. So my question is, would you consider it as a "lifer"? Or no, because it was not alive? I appreciate any feedback. I have a pic but won't post it.
  14. Hunting Island SC yesterday. It would not cooperate with where the sun was in relation to me 😄
  15. Thanks! I would not have guessed minus the yellow, or the rump 🙂 But the vocal matched perfectly
  16. While stalking eagles I was distracted by this guy or gal. Seen on Hunting Island SC today in the marsh.
  17. Thank you! Awesome hour or so, I also watched an osprey catch a fish and a bald eagle delivering a large branch to the nest. Made up for getting rained on lol
  18. Do have these right? Peregrine Falcon in flight, and American Kestrel perched? Both seen about half an hour apart in the same area, Hunting Island SC this afternoon Thanks in advance!
  19. Wow, had no idea. I live on the island and this would be a "lifer" for me 😄 I must not have been looking in the right places
  20. Would a Black Tern be expected at Hunting Island (Beaufort County), SC?
  21. The routine gulls in coastal SC are ring-billed and laughing. I saw these 2 birds today and they confuse me. Is a time of year or molt phase thing? The first 2 pics, the bird was much larger than one of our routine gulls. Is it a greater black-backed? And the other two pics, looks like molting going on but the mostly black feathers just seemed weird. Any help would be much appreciated! Sorry for the lousy focus, they were a good distance from me
  22. It looks an awful lot like the one I posted today that was ID'd as a red-shouldered.
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