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  1. Based on the size, that's probably a rat. Doesn't take away from the drama of the scene, but nature does what it does. I've seen one of our chickens catch a mouse and make a meal of it.
  2. I thought this was an interesting picture of a Cardinal. You'll have to take my word for it.
  3. Thanks. It looks quite a bit different than the Juncos I'm used to seeing in Washington. A lot more black and it seems quite a bit darker.
  4. This was in southwest Illinois. I have looked through various sites but can't find anything similar. When the bird turned the other direction, I saw that is was very light colored all the way to the end of the tail feathers. Seemed to be slightly smaller than a Robin.
  5. Horseshoe Lake State Park, in SW Illinois. Downy Woodpecker (pretty sure).
  6. If you didn't know those were a bird's feet, you could easily think they were some type of reptile. The reptile/bird connection is quite interesting.
  7. Their feathers almost always look so smooth and perfect.
  8. Not the best quality in the world, but it was taken through a vehicle window. American Avocet.
  9. It was at Steigerwald NWR near Washougal, WA. As I watched, it was perched on some low branches over a pond and it would fly down and appeared to be drinking and then flew back to the same branches.
  10. Thank you all. It must be a juvenile because all the other pictures I've seen of those, there are other, more visible yellow areas.
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