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  1. Pretty overcast but I wanted to try out the new lens. I believe a Gadwall and a Song Sparrow.
  2. Can't tell by that picture how dark it was. Very nice.
  3. I wasn't aware there was a Blue Grosbeak and I really like snakes. Nice.
  4. I went to get a drink of water and saw a lot of Crossbills (I've never seen them in my yard). I couldn't go outside because they would have flown away so this is through the kitchen window.
  5. Not the best picture, but I'm a big fan of crows and this one was still long enough to get a couple of pictures.
  6. I'm not sure I've ever seen their feet. Kind of odd looking.
  7. Not the best picture but okay, I guess. He was all puffed up because it was a little chilly this morning.
  8. This was way up there but I think it's a female Red Crossbill. I haven't seen one of those previously so I'm not positive.
  9. Thanks for trying. No idea what happened there.
  10. Not sure why there are 2 Stellar's Jay pictures and it won't let me edit it. Sorry about that. Maybe an admin can delete the 2nd one.
  11. The Spotted Towhee is my favorite local bird and I just like how the Stellar's Jay seemed to be sneaking a look at me.
  12. I'm just across the river in Vancouver and am always looking for more spots to see some birds. Thanks.
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