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  1. I've come to the conclusion that larger birds such as this Sandhill Crane, Ravens, and raptors must be important birds because they often have smaller birds "escorting" them.
  2. Kind of interesting that in most of nature, it's the males that are the more brightly colored but not with humans.
  3. How do you determine that's a Red Tail Hawk?
  4. I'm not positive, and I apologize for the shadiness, but I think this is a female Bullock's Oriole.
  5. Pretty overcast but I wanted to try out the new lens. I believe a Gadwall and a Song Sparrow.
  6. Can't tell by that picture how dark it was. Very nice.
  7. I wasn't aware there was a Blue Grosbeak and I really like snakes. Nice.
  8. I went to get a drink of water and saw a lot of Crossbills (I've never seen them in my yard). I couldn't go outside because they would have flown away so this is through the kitchen window.
  9. Not the best picture, but I'm a big fan of crows and this one was still long enough to get a couple of pictures.
  10. I'm not sure I've ever seen their feet. Kind of odd looking.
  11. Not the best picture but okay, I guess. He was all puffed up because it was a little chilly this morning.
  12. This was way up there but I think it's a female Red Crossbill. I haven't seen one of those previously so I'm not positive.
  13. Thanks for trying. No idea what happened there.
  14. Not sure why there are 2 Stellar's Jay pictures and it won't let me edit it. Sorry about that. Maybe an admin can delete the 2nd one.
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