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  1. Based on the size, that's probably a rat. Doesn't take away from the drama of the scene, but nature does what it does. I've seen one of our chickens catch a mouse and make a meal of it.
  2. I thought this was an interesting picture of a Cardinal. You'll have to take my word for it.
  3. Thanks. It looks quite a bit different than the Juncos I'm used to seeing in Washington. A lot more black and it seems quite a bit darker.
  4. This was in southwest Illinois. I have looked through various sites but can't find anything similar. When the bird turned the other direction, I saw that is was very light colored all the way to the end of the tail feathers. Seemed to be slightly smaller than a Robin.
  5. Horseshoe Lake State Park, in SW Illinois. Downy Woodpecker (pretty sure).
  6. If you didn't know those were a bird's feet, you could easily think they were some type of reptile. The reptile/bird connection is quite interesting.
  7. Their feathers almost always look so smooth and perfect.
  8. Not the best quality in the world, but it was taken through a vehicle window. American Avocet.
  9. It was at Steigerwald NWR near Washougal, WA. As I watched, it was perched on some low branches over a pond and it would fly down and appeared to be drinking and then flew back to the same branches.
  10. Thank you all. It must be a juvenile because all the other pictures I've seen of those, there are other, more visible yellow areas.
  11. I took a few pictures of this little guy, came home, and after searching my books and a few online pages, can't come up with anything, so I turn to the experts. I'll just upload one picture, but another one with the bird facing away from me showed a small, yellow spot on the lower part of the body. I can post that if it would be helpful. Thanks.
  12. A couple of Ring-necked ducks at Steigerwald NWR.
  13. What is that? (sorry, not as knowledgeable as some here).
  14. A friend or mine has some great pictures of a GBH in a standoff with a Bald Eagle over some fish carcasses. Pretty impressive and the Heron didn't back down one bit.
  15. Northern Harrier catching some early morning rays.
  16. Be prepared to be overrun with rats, mice, roaches, etc. Be careful what you wish for.
  17. Not the best but I was on a hike and had the camera along just in case.
  18. We just got a couple of chicklets and this one is an Ameracauna.
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