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  1. Thanks for the tips akandula. I suspected that the Emp. was a Least, but wanted to make sure before I reported it as eBird marked it as rare.
  2. That would be a Yellow-throated Vireo 🙂
  3. Pretty sure that's a Swainson's Thrush - buffy coloration in front of the eye distinguishes it from Gray-cheeked.
  4. Birding in southern Arkansas today. There were a couple of birds that I wasn't entirely sure about. I think the first is some kind of Empidonax... and the warbler is either an Orange-crowned or Tennessee, just not sure which. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks blackburnian! I suspected the first 2 might have been Pine because of the broken eye ring, but I was a bit puzzled by that last one. I'm guessing they are either juveniles or are molting out of their breeding plumage?
  6. Here's a few fall warblers that I had trouble IDing. I have a few guesses as to what the birds might be, but I wanted to get a second opinion before I injected my own opinion into the thread and bias anyone. I know some of the photos are blurry, but they were from a distance. Any guesses from the experts? 3 and 4 are obviously the same bird 🙂
  7. Discovered this little fellow yesterday in a small tree along a roadway in Texarkana, TX. There was an open field on the opposite side of the road to where the bird was found.
  8. I'd say Green-winged Teal based on the greenish speculum, its size relative to the Mallard, and its distinctive facial patterning. Leg color isn't as reliable because their legs are often dirty and can appear to be different colors.
  9. Looks like a male Nashville Warbler to me. You can even see the reddish spot on the head, although it is somewhat dull.
  10. I'm fairly sure an Orange-crowned wouldn't have that distinctive greenish mantle, so I'm still with Tennessee.
  11. 1) Song Sparrow 2) Golden-crowned Sparrow? 3) Tennessee Warbler
  12. Looks like a domestic mallard or some kind of domestic duck.
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