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  1. Discovered this little fellow yesterday in a small tree along a roadway in Texarkana, TX. There was an open field on the opposite side of the road to where the bird was found.
  2. I'd say Green-winged Teal based on the greenish speculum, its size relative to the Mallard, and its distinctive facial patterning. Leg color isn't as reliable because their legs are often dirty and can appear to be different colors.
  3. Looks like a male Nashville Warbler to me. You can even see the reddish spot on the head, although it is somewhat dull.
  4. I'm fairly sure an Orange-crowned wouldn't have that distinctive greenish mantle, so I'm still with Tennessee.
  5. 1) Song Sparrow 2) Golden-crowned Sparrow? 3) Tennessee Warbler
  6. Looks like a domestic mallard or some kind of domestic duck.
  7. Thanks for the useful and enlightening discussion, and for reminding me not to get so caught up on a small detail which may be variable by individual. I am glad to get a solid answer to my question, though. I wasn't aware that this was not a diagnostic feature. That really is useful to know! With all of the evidence presented here, I'm convinced that it is indeed an OCWA, especially so considering the normal range for both species. Thanks again for clearing up my issue with the undertail!
  8. Looking at pictures of both Plumbeous and Cassin's, I agree that it looks more like a Plumbeous Vireo. I have no personal experience with the species, but I think you're right about the lack of yellow on the bird. Based on pictures alone, I would have ruled out Cassin's because of this. This is one of the resources I used to make this determination: http://www.surfbirds.com/Features/Solitary_Vireos/identification.html
  9. I'm not that experienced with the species, but I think a Mallard's bill would be more orange. Also, the bird just seems darker overall, with darker coloration around the eye as well. I'm going to say it's a Black Duck. Good job, I'm jealous!
  10. Looks like a Ring-necked Duck to me 🙂
  11. My first impression on the last warbler was Nashville as well. What features specifically ruled out Nashville? This picture is from a book called The Warbler Guide. See how it shows Orange-crowned with a solid yellow underside, whereas it shows Nashville's having a mostly yellow underside with a white area around where the legs are. I don't know how reliable this is, but it seemed like something that may have needed to be addressed. I have seen tons of Orange-crowned Warblers here in Mississippi, and although I didn't immediately think OC for this one, an OCWA in Alaska might look quite different than one here, considering the different subspecies that exist. I'm not necessarily disagreeing with the OCWA call, but I also can't 100% agree with it.
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