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  1. Thanks. Unfortunately, I'm second-guessing that it's even a flycatcher now. Just stumbled upon the vocalizations of Evening Grosbeaks, and they sound awfully similar to the vocalizations of the birds in the clip. Let me know what you think? https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/303897281
  2. Yes, definitely a Swainson's. The buffy coloration around and in front of the eye rule out all of the other similar thrushes.
  3. More footage from a few days ago in the Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico. The main bird I am wondering about here is the loud "preet" call, similar to a Great Crested Flycatcher. I think that would be rare here, and since I'm not that familiar with Western birds, I wanted to see what others think - are there any other flycatchers that make these vocalizations? I'm also wondering about other birds in the audio clip as well. I hear a House Wren, Mountain Chickadee, Junco and some other loud, obvious, high pitched peeps which I'm unfamiliar with. What am I hearing? Apologies in advance for the poor audio quality and making so much noise lol MVI_4064.mp3
  4. Thanks guys! I thought so, but I just wanted to make sure. Lots of cool migrants passing through at this time of the year, and I don't want to miss anything rare due to lack of experience ? How were you guys so easily able to distinguish them from others?
  5. These two hummingbirds were seen a couple of days ago in the Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico. The first is one bird, and the last three are of a different bird, just feeding on the same flowers. I don't have much experience with hummingbirds, as I am from the east. Any idea what these are?
  6. Taken yesterday in Socorro, New Mexico There's a few birds vocalizing here, presumably a jay (Stellar's?), the call of a flycatcher (presumably Gray), and something else, which sounds a bit like a sparrow to me. Any guesses as to what that song at the end might be? Thanks in advance! MVI_3926_Trim.mp3
  7. Thanks for the second-opinion on the bird... where would I find more advanced ID pages, if you don't mind me asking?
  8. Are you sure about that? Not to question your expertise, but I have heard Yellow-throated's many times, and I don't really remember them sounding like that. Wouldn't YTWA be a gradually descending song, and not one constant, alternating pitch?
  9. I realize this is difficult... it's been 24/h so I am going to bump it, in hopes that a pro might come along and ID it lol
  10. In Socorro New Mexico, a few days ago. There are two prominent bird songs in this recording, the higher pitched squeaky jumble of notes that is a Red-faced Warbler. And then there's something else... a repetitive song that comes just before the Red-faced song. It also repeats again towards the end of the audio file slightly after the RFWA. I included a few spectrograms as well just for good measure. Any guesses? I'm thinking it's a warbler, but I can't be sure. P.S. sorry for the bad audio quality and noise... may need headphones to hear it well. MVI_3847.mp3
  11. At Bosque del Apache NWR in NM yesterday - both were reported recently in the same pond together.
  12. Two different flycatchers yesterday at Bosque del Apache NWR in Socorro, NM I have my guesses on the first - the second... not a clue. I won't put a bias in anyone's mind... what does everyone else think?
  13. Am I crazy, or could it be the tail end of a Yellow-throated Warbler with the finale of its descending song? I'm also hearing a White-eyed Vireo, and some other squeaky warbler song in the background towards the end.
  14. I've been birding Bosque del Apache NWR in Socorro, NM this past week, and found a few ducks which I was unsure about. Maybe someone with more experience can help? All of the suggested species have been seen here this past week for reference. I think Mexican ducks nest at this refuge, and hybrids are common here. The first 4 pictures are of the same 2 ducks - and the last 3 were a different pair. Thanks in advance!
  15. Thanks so much! You confirmed my suspicion on both of them ?
  16. Taken yesterday - in Socorro, NM Hey guys... thanks for all the help with the last IDs, perhaps someone can help with these as well? The first two are the same bird... the last 3 are of a different bird. Thanks in advance!
  17. Thanks all - I'm still working on these Western birds... some of the flycatchers and sparrows are tough. I appreciate all the help! I guess I'll have to keep my eye out for Clay-colored - anyone got any tips on separating Brewer's from Clay-colored?
  18. Taken a couple of days ago near Socorro, New Mexico. I know my pictures aren't great, but perhaps someone with more experience than I can ID them? Thanks in advance! My best guesses were Clay-colored Sparrow and Gray flycatcher, but I'm entirely new to western birds, so I'm unsure.
  19. Sorry, here is a proper link with all of the pics: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qBf-JCeWdagDJ43Pktk0ZnfOR4bodUrR?usp=sharing
  20. Here's some more birds from Bosque del Apache NWR in New Mexico yesterday, I have them grouped by name like so (under the link): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y_Zmgn3cwT5T5U5SIBZtupOVNdip_UAn/view?usp=sharing 1) Unknown flycatcher - no idea, gray flycatcher? 2) Unknown finch - no idea, maybe an immature of some kind? 3) Sparrow - is this Brewer's or Clay-colored? 4) Sandpiper 1 and 2 - no idea 5) Kingbird 1, 2, and 3 - really just checking if I have anything other than Western Kingbirds 6) A bunch of hummers - really just checking for anything other than Black-chinned 7 ) Finches... are any of these Cassin's or are they all house finches? 8 ) Ducks and Another couple of ducks - are these all Mallards? Hybrids? Mexican Ducks? 9) Yet another duck - what about this one? 10) Cooper's or Sharpie? I know my pictures aren't great, but maybe you guys can help ?
  21. Thanks Hasan - I appreciate your help. I trust your IDs; but if you don't mind, for future knowledge, could you explain how you came to your conclusions? For example: 1) What features queued you that is was a Baird's? Do you have any useful ID tips for separating it from similar species? 2) These were all the same bird pictured, just different angles. What was the most obvious feature that made you decide this was a Sharpie vs. Cooper's? 3) And the cormorant? What features allowed you to quickly deduce that it is a neotropic rather than double-crested? Do you have any tips for identifying them in the field, especially at a fleeting glimpse/in flight?
  22. I think your oriole might be a Baltimore. Perhaps it's just the lighting, but the breast a little orange for an Orchard.
  23. These were taken yesterday at Bosque del Apache NWR in New Mexico - I have a good idea of what most of them are, but I wanted to get opinions from others. I'll put my guesses below. Thanks in advance! 1) Some kind of sandpiper... I'm no good with shorebirds. 2) Cooper's or Sharp-shinned Hawk? 3) Western Kingbird...or? Cassin's has also been seen in the area recently. 4) Ladder-backed woodpecker 5) Warbler species... Lucy's maybe? 6) Neotropic cormorant or Double-crested? https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1gOvEVQxGOHl6gydjokS199sPqFFaUdZ6?usp=sharing
  24. I'm fairly new to the west. Here are some birds that I was unsure about today... 2 sparrows - as well as a hawk, which I'm guessing is a Swainson's? Thanks in advance!
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