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  1. Just so I'm clear DLecy, I presume the ID difficulty comes down to Bean vs. juvi Greater White-fronted?

    Someone in another group thought it might be helpful to provide a shot of an adjacent CANG in the same photo with similar angle, position, light so the apparent or relative contrasting features were visible.  For what it's worth anyhow....





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  2. I perused all my books and multiple web resources and I arrive at Bean Goose as well.  It would sure be nice to hear from some others on this.  Perhaps the holiday has some folks away from the forum.    Head-neck contrast and lack of belly stripes seems to rule out GWFG.  When zoomed in on Lightroom, I see orangey-pink hints in the bill and the visible foot.

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  3. Western MT this morning 5/28/23.  Noticed two large V's of CANG and I did a double-take on one group - noting a much smaller bird in the formation as they got directly overhead.  Snapped a couple quick photos.  The bird appears much slighter/lighter than the CANGs but was flapping similarly to them, and not rapidly like a duck.  I cropped the photo and lightened it a bit to reveal a dark(but not black) head, no chin patch, long narrow wings, and maybe a hint of yellow or orange on the bill.

    Wayward Eurasian goose?  Escaped domestic?  Any ideas?





  4. western MT,  Dec 19,2019.

    Would like some feedback or confirmation on this one.  I am thinking dark-morph juvi Harlan's.  

    Juvenile -  because it lacks subterminal bands on retrices and remiges.

    Harlan's -  because it was a very dark bird with white speckles on throat, belly, and back, and... 

    this from HawkWatch Int'l website:  "Dark-morph Juvenile ranges from completely streaked below to solidly dark. Juvenile typically has outer primaries banded at the tips, and tail tip shows "spiked" look "

    This bird displays the outer primaries banded at the tips, but unless the tail is worn, I don't think I can make out a "spiked" look.


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