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  1. Slate-colored is correct. It is just a browner variation.
  2. This was one of the target birds I wanted when I visited Bandeleier Monument and vicinity last spring. I failed to find one. I may have been too early.
  3. The flank markings and the white flecks along the edge of the wing look more like Winter Wren.
  4. Juvenile Gos have pointed retrix tips. This bird's are rounded.
  5. The first photo are ravens. Long narrow wings, long head, heavy bill Less certain about the second photo but looking a bit more crow-ish.
  6. Yep, I can see the tail better after zooming in on a larger screen.
  7. Head looks a bit small for Cooper's. Tail looks notched too. Sharpie? Agree with TBN on the others.
  8. The golden nape and overall profile (smallish head compared to body size) are good for Golden.
  9. The white eye-ring, dark auricular with white border, and chestnut shoulder patch indicate a Vesper Sparrow, although the auricular appears a bit dark in this photo. Await further confirmation.
  10. The belly markings and white in dorsal primaries are pointing to a juvi Harlan's, but I am not certain of that.
  11. Without good lighting or a view of the back and tertials, what is it seperating this bird from a male Brewer's?
  12. I suggest sending these pics to Ben Pierce via FB. He is very good with ducks. https://www.facebook.com/ben.pierce.92123?fref=ufi
  13. The broad tail bands, wing length/tail length ratio, and the few 'polka-dots' on the flanks indicate a Merlin.
  14. Another Cooper's vote. Shape and size of head. The "mean" look due to a slight supraorbital ridge. Sharpies look more 'bug-eyed' to me.
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