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  1. The broad tail bands, wing length/tail length ratio, and the few 'polka-dots' on the flanks indicate a Merlin.
  2. Another Cooper's vote. Shape and size of head. The "mean" look due to a slight supraorbital ridge. Sharpies look more 'bug-eyed' to me.
  3. Both look like dowitchers to me. Stilts would have a little shorter bill and would not have that grayish neck and upper breast this time of year, which is typical of dowitcher.
  4. Yes, a good field mark for WTHA. Now that I have the image on my computer screen instead of a smartphone, is that a white breast patch or are the feathers being blown out by the wind revealing the underside of the feathers?
  5. Juvi White-tailed is about all I can come up with. I have several other raptor books at home i can look at tonight.
  6. Yes, I think you have a L. Scauup there. Coloration/contrast look good, as does the peaky crown and bill shape. There are some male mallards among the bank ducks, and there is a good chance they are all mallards.
  7. Dang, I was focused on the missing black bars on the outer tail feathers and missed the suet block size comparison.
  8. Yep, horned grebes in the first photo.
  9. This may be a juvenile Harelquin Duck. The white on the cheeks does seem to vary somewhat on juveniles, this one having more white than typical.
  10. Coopers, Hairy, and taking a guess on the third - juvi red-shouldered.
  11. I'd say common. the black/white neck.line looks too jagged for Pacific.
  12. No plover in these pics. Willet looks good, and the rest are sanderlings I believe.
  13. Lesser Yellowlegs perhaps? Feet well past tail, medium bill length,......haven't eliminated other long-legged shorebirds just yet.
  14. The back duck in the bottom photo appears to be a scaup rolled onto it's side for grooming. I can see a yellow eye on one of those foreground ducks, without an eyering. That is likely a scaup also.
  15. Yes, crows. Ravens are stockier, longer-winged, shaggy neck feathers, and somwehat more angular crown profile.
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