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  1. The back duck in the bottom photo appears to be a scaup rolled onto it's side for grooming. I can see a yellow eye on one of those foreground ducks, without an eyering. That is likely a scaup also.
  2. Yes, crows. Ravens are stockier, longer-winged, shaggy neck feathers, and somwehat more angular crown profile.
  3. Shaggy head/neck feathers and heavier bill point to Reddish Egret.
  4. The dark cap, head profile, and facial spots arrangement look better for Surf scoter here. I couldn't detect any white in the wings where it should appear on a WWSC.
  5. No expert here either. The gull in the bottom photo might be a Thayer's. Smallish bill, dark eye, broad white tertial crescent, pinkish legs (maybe?). In your middle photo, I think the two foreground gulls (one in flight) are adult non-breeeding Glaucous-winged.
  6. Bill length looks like a Greater.
  7. Sure looks like Brown-capped. What was the other opinion?
  8. Why are you disimissing Dunlin? Bill looks too long for your three mentioned suspects. BASA and WRSA would also display the long primaries extended above the tail.
  9. Sure looks like a Black Scoter, but with only the slightest hint of yellow or swelling on the bill. Perhaps someone with knowledge of their molt timing will weigh in.
  10. Eared Grebe is correct. Note the culmen quite straight, almost appearing a bit upturned. A good field mark for separating Eared and Horned. The culmen of a Horned would be curving downward toward the tip, and the black/white border across the cheek quite distinct in comparison to Eared.
  11. Red-tailed. Swainson's would have white undertail coverts.
  12. Oct 8 in western Montana. Looking firstly at the tail pattern (what's left of the tail anyhow), the closest match appears to be Palm Warbler, but few other markings support this. Yellow underneath but with white vent area. Note the yellow patches on the chin and amongst behind the eye. Orange-crowned with an odd tail?
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