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  1. I never use the white tip in separating the two.
  2. Do you have any other angles on bird #1? I'm not convinced it's not a Lilac-crowned. We used to have Lots of Red-crowned here in my San Diego area neighborhood. Now they have been displaced by a flock of Lilac-crowned about 250 strong. The Red-crowned moved to the next city and now number 500+.
  3. We can eliminate Gos with those even lines on the tail.
  4. I was thinking that too, but I knew the juvie was a Common, so I figured maybe this was a Common adult in an elongated position. The tail looked long, but not too long for Common. I admit I have tons of experience seeing Great-tailed, and zero seeing Common, so I would defer to Benjamin on this one.
  5. Can't tell you how many times NOMO tripped me up earlier in my birding years. I'd spend 10 minutes staring at one, then realize stupid mockingbird! 🧐
  6. Are you near water? Black-Crowned Night Heron makes a few weird calls.
  7. I have poor hearing and wear hearing aids. One is broken now so I'm having trouble hearing your recording. My hearing aid can't filter out the static, so I hear a lot of static and a tiny bit of the bird.
  8. I like this. The OP said it was actively going branch to branch, which no flycatchers do. Flycatchers go out and back. Yellow-rumpeds actually do both.
  9. Try recording it again. You must have been far away, the sound is poor. I'm sure I could ID it for you with a decent recording. And yes, I did try both of your clips.
  10. This bird, flying over water, is an Osprey for me.
  11. You have an adult Cooper's Hawk there. They adapt well to urban settings. They are fond of eating Mourning Doves and Rock Pigeons.
  12. How about female Northern Shoveler, with that big bill?
  13. Plus the even up and down body shape. Sharpies are top heavy.
  14. I agree that without other supporting pics, go with Cooper's
  15. Hard pics but that is a strong white supetcillium in that second pic which strikes me as a Gos.
  16. No. Dark eyes, heavy feet, beiiy band, minimally banded light tail, and husky build all support Red-tailed Hawk.
  17. I think the top ones are Red-tailed Hawk breast feathers. The white tipped gray ones are Mourning Dove tail feathers.
  18. If you look closely you can see the shorter outer tail feathers. Plus that tube shaped body.
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