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  1. I think I'm seeing a white undertail on the left there, some faint wing bars, and a  pale supercilium, so I'm going to say Tennessee. But man, it's a tough angle, and I've seen hundreds of Orange-crowned and only one Tennessee, so best to have others weigh in. Also, remember to put where you saw it, you know, range and all that.  :classic_cool: I will also note that the pic seems dark, like on a cloudy day, which is in my opinion making the bird look a little yellower than it actually is.

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  2. Looks like an Orange-crowned to me. Broken eye ring, yellow undertail coverts, no apparent wing bars, short dark eyeline, thin unmarked tail (which appears to be missing some feathers) all lead me to that ID. The apparent bar on the tail looks like a shadow or a twig showing through in the first two pics.

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