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  1. I've got top two Anna's and bottom one Costa's ( dumpy posture, wingtip to tail, white collar. )
  2. With that eye ring, yellow throat and undertail, and gray head, I'm thinking Nashville Warbler.
  3. Your Oriole looks good for Scott's ( uncommon so nice find! ) and your hummer looks good for Costa's, with that dumpy posture, white collar, wingtip to tail ratio, and slightly downcurved bill.
  4. Looks pretty normal for a Black-chinned to me. Just maybe the lighting is washing it out a little
  5. I've been bit, scratched, clawed, and punctured by many species of birds. Mostly Raptors, but some water birds as well. The worst thing that happened was a simple infection. Usually nothing happens.
  6. I wonder where he's going. I need some good fishing spots in Yosemite valley. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  7. Might be someone's escaped falconry bird with that trans pac.
  8. I see Mountain Chickadees here fairly often ( mountains east of San Diego. ) This is exactly what Mountain Chickadees look like ( with that weak eyebrow ) when I see them here in summer. I don't think you have any hybrids there.
  9. Yah, I guess I should place structure over plumage. ๐Ÿค”
  10. I must add that the short straight bill bothers me for Black-chinned, as does the little bit of a white line from the chin to the eye. But not enough for me to say Broad-tailed. I sure wish that gorget was in the right light!
  11. Broad-tailed male has a white line from the chin to the eye ring to the neck. I don't see this in your bird. Broad-tailed also has some buffy tones on the flanks. The flank we have a clear well lit shot of on yours looks plain greenish to me.
  12. Black-chinned Hummingbird and Virginia's Warbler.
  13. My best pic of a western Fox Sparrow for comparison.......
  14. I think we could figure that out. Anyone else that's seen western Fox Sparrows think 5 could be one, or is it just me?
  15. That's a pretty typical pose, perch. and habitat for Mountain Bluebird as well.
  16. I like Five even better for Fox after seeing this pic.
  17. They're a hard one to ID. Luckily the two times I've seen them they've been doing the skylark thing.
  18. Cassin's almost always stay hidden on the ground except when displaying the behavior I mentioned. I'm sure if it was a Cassin's you'd have seen that behavior.
  19. Yeah, You'd need a view showing the back to eliminate Allen's, but your location already does that.
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