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  1. 25 minutes ago, leetriplej said:

    So, I'm a dork and have been confusing 4 & 5.  🙄  The extra picture I posted was actually of bird #5.  I'm so sorry for the confusion.

    I think we could figure that out. Anyone else that's seen western Fox Sparrows think 5 could be one, or is it just me?

  2. 4 minutes ago, leetriplej said:

    Thank you SO MUCH for your help!  I looked up the Cassin's Sparrow and read that they like wide-open grasslands.  I suppose it would help if I mentioned that I was near Monument, Colorado.  Would that make a different sparrow more likely?

    Cassin's almost always stay hidden on the ground except when displaying the behavior I mentioned. I'm sure if it was a Cassin's you'd have seen that behavior.

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  3. I think four looks like a Song Sparrow. Cassin's would be "Skylarking" this time of year, that is launching upward and singing, then landing on the ground. Did you notice that behavior? I could also see five as an interior west Fox Sparrow, if I'm seeing the yellow lower mandible and dorsal color shading correctly.

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