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  1. I think four looks like a Song Sparrow. Cassin's would be "Skylarking" this time of year, that is launching upward and singing, then landing on the ground. Did you notice that behavior? I could also see five as an interior west Fox Sparrow, if I'm seeing the yellow lower mandible and dorsal color shading correctly.
  2. I studied this pic quite a while, since I don't get Ruby-throated here. But from what I can see in my Sibley, I'm going to call this a juvie Male Ruby-throated, due to the markings, bill length and straightness, and wingtip to tail ratio. The bill is the reason I'm not saying Black-chinned. The behavior is because it's young and dumb. 🙂
  3. Could this be your bird? https://images.app.goo.gl/7WAeazbRAt7bwoya8
  4. If you'll post the pic, we'll give you the ID.
  5. It is kind of far away, but I see the white forehead and long wings of a Swainson's Hawk here.
  6. I'm looking at this thinking why is this Rock Wren on top of a tree? 🤔
  7. Yeah, I've been to Mono Lake. California Gull was the only species I saw there too. The mantle looks dark on yours because it's shadowed.
  8. http://archive.knoxnews.com/entertainment/columnists/marcia-davis/bald-crestless-unmasked-cardinal-looks-weird-but-is-normal-360a1450-ec42-2288-e053-0100007f0e2f-389320141.html
  9. Generally nocturnal owls call most just after sundown.
  10. Won't let me edit. I meant not mite related normal molt.
  11. I agree with mite related molt. Not a serious problem.
  12. Not Grasshopper. Looks more like Song Sparrows with those long tails.
  13. My best guess is Golden-crowned Sparrow, but their Song is a distinctive three notes.
  14. Now I'm thinking I may have seen one at the south rim back in 1994. Darn it! I think Juniper and Oak were one species back then, so I didn't bother documenting it.
  15. And a couple drinks with umbrellas in them.
  16. Yes. Fledgling White-winged Dove. Put back where you found it and the parents will take care of it.
  17. Belly looks whiter than the mantle to me, especially in the last pic. Makes me think Forster's. But to say for sure you need a bit better pic. I am swayed partially by living in Ca., Common Terns are not that common, but Forster's are.
  18. Have you considered Eastern Wood-Pewee? I can't eliminate it from what I see here, and the behavior you describe (low to the ground flycatching) fits way better for that.
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